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Sexual Assault Prevention Initiatives

At Colgate, we are committed to eradicating sexual and gender-based violence and assault. We focus on prevention through education, training, planning, support, and fostering community dialogue.

Education and Prevention Programs

Colgate offers multiple regular programs to students and the Colgate community to learn more about the issues of sexual violence and ways in which members of our community can help prevent sexual violence. Learn more.

Sexual Violence Prevention and Survivor Support Action Plan

Colgate's working plan outlines efforts underway with contributions from many members of our community. Learn more about our action plan.

Sexual Climate Survey

In March 2015, Colgate participated in the Higher Education Data Sharing (HEDS) Consortium’s Sexual Assault Campus Climate Survey


Learn more about consent, incapacitation, and other common terms used in policies and programs related to sexual violence. 

Happening on Campus

Educational efforts
  • HEDS Climate Survey
  • National College Health Assessment
  • CORE Survey
  • Diverse Learning Experiences (DLE)
Training and student support
  • Agency response training (Deans on Call, EGP Members)
  • Victim support training (DoC Division)
  • Investigator training
  • NY6 deans Title IX in-service
  • The Network: Student sexual assault hotline volunteers
  • Link/CL/Wilderness Adventure training
  • One Love escalation workshops
  • Safe Zone trainings
Campus Policy and Regulation
  • Student of Concern Forms on Web
  • Annual Policy Overview in Orientation
  • Employee (Policy Mailing, All-Staff, Adm. Group)
  • EGP/Bias Brochures (student-revised)
  • Updated Handbook (domestic violence, stalking)
  • Faculty (meeting, orientation, dept. chairs)
  • Clery Reporting
  • No First-Years in fraternity and sorority houses
  • Update Students on Policies
  • NY State Enough is Enough updates
  • Cruiser cameras
Programming and events