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Off-Campus Study

Colgate at the National Institutes of Health
Colgate's NIH Study Group is the only one of its kind. WATCH NOW
Bikers in Belgium
Colgate students in Belgium as photographed by Catherine Wu '09.
Studying Down Under
Sarah Titcomb '10, Jane Kelly '10, and Cat Weiss '10 (left to right) say hello to Colgate from a beach in Australia. (Photo by Becky Plesser)
Speakers' Corner
Students on the history study group to London visited Speakers' Corner — as speakers. READ MORE
El Templo de Debod de Noche
Photo by Evan Kramer '09, who studied in Madrid, Spain.
Sunrise Over the Great Wall
The Great Wall of China as seen in Simatai, China by Kaela Chow '10.
Washington, D.C. Study Group
The Washington study group is one of Colgate's most prestigious and unique programs, perfect for political science students. (Photo by Tara Tendler '10)
Success in almost any field now demands a global perspective, and that takes more than just travel. Colgate students can immerse themselves in classroom study and cultural experiences throughout the world.

Program Options

We offer a wide variety of off-campus programs that provide a rich mixture of cultural experience and academic work. Each program is different. Some stress science, religion, economics, language, literature, or the arts while others focus on research.  Whether you choose a Colgate study group or extended study led by one of our faculty members or participate in an approved program at an academic center or university abroad, our staff members will assist you along the way.

Get Ready to Explore the World!

The Office of Off-Campus Study can help you on your journey:

Upcoming Events

During some times of the year there may be no upcoming events. See the campus calendar for full event listings.