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Transfer of Course Credit

Transfer Credit Forms (PDFs)

Application for transfer of course credit
Requirements for transfer of summer/intersession courses
Guidelines for transfer of pre-matriculation credit
Application for transfer of pre-matriculation credit 
A maximum of six (6.00) non-Colgate credits may be counted toward the Colgate degree. This includes college courses taken at other institutions prior to matriculating at Colgate, Advanced Placement credit, courses taken during summer or intersessions, or in semester-long Approved Programs. Transfer students should refer to the University Catalogue for information on transferring coursework from their previous institution.

Pre-matriculation or Advanced Placement Credit

Students wishing to transfer Advanced Placement (AP) credit must have the official College Board score reports filed with the registrar's office prior to course registration during the fourth semester. Acceptable exams and scores may be viewed here: Advanced Placement Credit Summary

To transfer pre-matriculation credit (other than AP), students must read the Guidelines for Transfer of Pre-matriculation Credit, complete and submit out the Application for Transfer of Pre-matriculation Credit (interactive PDF), and have an official transcript filed with the registrar’s office prior to course registration during the fourth semester.

Summer/Intersession Course Transfer

Students planning to take courses elsewhere during a summer term or intersession must read and sign the Requirements for Transfer of Summer/Intersession Courses form. Please note that summer/intersession courses have additional requirements for term length and classroom hours. This form must be submitted to the registrar’s office along with the completed Application for Transfer of Course Credit and catalogue descriptions or syllabi for each course submitted for consideration.

Spring or Fall Semester Study

During a regular fall or spring semester, Colgate allows students to study off cam­pus on a select list of Approved Programs. Please contact the Office of Off-Campus Study for information about the application process.

Once a program of study has been approved, students must complete and submit the Application for Transfer of Course Credit to the registrar's office. The application must be accompanied by catalogue descriptions or syllabi for each course submitted for consideration.

Please Note: All grades earned in coursework completed on Approved Programs will be recorded on the Colgate transcript, though not factored into the Colgate GPA. Please see Colgate Catalogue for additional information regarding participation in Approved Programs.

Submission of Documents for All Transfer Credit

Completed forms and catalogue descriptions or syllabi may be submitted in any of the following ways:

In person: 126 McGregory Hall


Office of the Registrar
Colgate University
13 Oak Drive
Hamilton, NY 13346

Fax: 315-228-7125

Important Reminders:

  • Courses must be comparable to those offered at Colgate and fit within the scope of our liberal arts curriculum. (Business, marketing, vocational or professional courses, and National Outdoor Leadership [NOLS] courses are examples of courses that will not be considered.) Additionally, Colgate does not award transfer credit for online courses, internships, independent studies, field research, or other experiential learning courses. (See Colgate University Catalogue for exceptions regarding Approved Programs.)
  • Colgate operates on a course credit system, not a semester-hour or quarter-hour system. It must not be assumed that transfer credit is automatic or that courses taken at other institutions can be transferred to Colgate on a one-for-one basis.
  • Courses must be taken at a regionally accredited college or university (U.S., Canada), or on an approved study-abroad program. Students with upper-class standing (rising juniors, seniors) may not receive credit for courses taken at a two-year institution.
  • Courses in the Division of Natural Science/Mathematics, in English, or in a student's major or minor require departmental/program approval. It is the student’s responsibility to seek appropriate approvals.

Credit Conversion

For full-semester/quarter courses, Colgate converts semester credits and quarter credits to course credits using the table below.  

Number of 
Colgate Course 
Semester Hours  
Quarter Hours 

For example, a student takes 5 courses totaling 15 semester credits on a non-Colgate study-abroad program. This student will be awarded 4 Colgate course credits (13-16 cumulative semester hours), even though he or she completed 5 courses. Please note that this table does not apply to foreign institutions in all cases. Therefore, it is critical to have courses pre-approved by the registrar’s office.

Effective January 2011, summer and intersession courses are no longer included in the cumulative credit count; instead, summer/intersession credit will be awarded on a per-course basis. Courses that meet for a minimum of 3 weeks and 30 classroom hours are eligible to earn 0.50 course credits; courses that meet for a minimum of 5 weeks and 40 classroom hours are eligible to earn 1.00 course credit. Students may receive credit for no more than 1 course per summer session if the session is less than 6 weeks in length. 

Students may receive credit for up to 2 courses per session if the session is 6 or more weeks in length. Please see the Requirements for Transfer of Summer/Intersession Courses form for additional information and requirements. (Revision approved by Colgate University’s Academic Affairs Board, December 1, 2010.)

Note: Prior to January 2011, credits from all non-Colgate courses taken in all terms—including summer and intersession—were included in the cumulative count. Courses taken prior to 2011 are not eligible for review of credit based on the updated Academic Affairs Board policy.