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Sitefinity: Web Content Management System

Colgate uses a content management system called Sitefinity to create and maintain content for its public website at  

The Colgate Content Management System (CMS) gives the Colgate community the freedom to add, edit, or delete web content such as text, images, and downloadable files to deliver information about Colgate to everyone from prospective students and their parents to current students, to prospective faculty and staff, and more.
A screenshot of Colgate's content management system displaying the tree form of the sitemap

Design Style Guide

Please use this guide (PDF) to create and update webpages in a way that ensures a consistent web experience for This guide includes approved colors, font types and sizes, photo and text treatments, and other detailed information.


Written documentation for those using the content management system is available at (Colgate e-mail login required).

The videos below are great introductory tutorials or refreshers about the basic functions of the CMS. To receive full, in-person training or initial access to the system, please submit a request via our online help form.