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Services and Shared Infrastructure

The Services and Shared Infrastructure team works to provide services and support to faculty, staff and students for campus networking and infrastructure, unified communications, application development and operations, system implementation and integration, and research and high-performance computing.

Glenn Packer

Director of Services and Shared Infrastructure 

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Glenn joined Colgate University in 2006 and currently leads the Development and Operations (DevOps) team. He provides leadership, project management, and technical and operational planning for a team that supports the academic and administrative systems, applications and databases of the university.

In his free time, he frequently returns to the Adirondack mountains to enjoy the great outdoors with his family.  

Phone: 315-228-7034 

Development and Operations (DevOps) Team

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Joe Alfonso

Senior Full Stack Programmer/Analyst

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Joe started working at Colgate in 2013, supporting and developing a variety of campus tools.  He has previously worked in university research groups to implement citizen science projects at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and develop information visualization tools at The New School's Center for Data Arts.  He has lectured in Computer Science at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and has excitedly presented to multiple digital arts classes at Colgate.  If you have an interesting research project that needs custom development work, please get in touch with him.

Phone: 315-228-7126
Josh Boiselle

Josh Boiselle

Systems Engineer 

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Josh joined Colgate University in the beginning of 2014 as an intern working with ITS. After completing his internship, Josh remained at Colgate before being hired full-time in November 2014 as an End User Support Specialist. Since then, Josh has been responsible for working on a variety of projects at Colgate – including overhauling the university’s Windows images and configurations, creating a self-service portal for software, preparing the university for the transition to Windows 10, and much more. Recently, Josh transitioned to the Systems Engineer role where he hopes to continue improving services, increasing efficiency, and aiding the university in its mission.

In his spare time Josh enjoys PC video games, cars, reading, and just about anything sci-fi related.

Phone: 315-228-7410 
Bridget Gaudreau

Bridget Gaudreau

Systems Analyst and Programmer 

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BS Information Systems, Le Moyne College

Bridget joined Colgate in 2014, supporting the Banner Advancement System and the various integrations to and from the system. She has worked with systems in secondary and higher education since 2004.  She enjoys helping the users find and implement the best technical solutions to meet their needs and improve workflows, as well as assisting in getting the data out of the various systems and into a familiar format for users.  

In her free time Bridget can be found spending time with her husband and daughter and trying to find time to read, bake and sew. 

Phone: 315-228-6346 
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Jim Jerome

Senior Systems Analyst and Programmer

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Jim joined Colgate University in 1994 at the onset of the Banner ERP system implementation.

In his current role at Colgate, Jim supports the Colgate mission by analyzing needs, providing technical guidance, helping with process improvement, and recommending and implementing solutions for academic and administrative areas of the university

In his free time, Jim enjoys hiking the Adirondack Mountains and volunteering as a first responder with the Hamilton Fire Department.

Phone: 315-228-7704 
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Vinnie Lentini

Full Stack Progammer/Analyst

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BS Software Engineering, Vermont Technical College

Vinnie joined Colgate University in the Summer of 2017 as a Full Stack Programmer/Analyst. Having mostly worked in Higher Education, Vinnie enjoys working with different departments and developing solutions to best fit their needs.

Prior to Colgate, Vinnie worked at multiple colleges including Vermont Technical College, World Learning and Morrisville State College.

In his free time Vinnie enjoys going to the movies, video/board games, camping, and spending time with his wife and son.

Phone: 315-228-6150 
Don Rhodes

Don Rhodes

Senior Systems Engineer 

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Don came to Colgate in 2003 as an intern with the the CEL team within ITS and was hired in the fall as a Technology Support Analyst.  Has been promoted to Network and Systems Administrator within the Network, Services and Operations team, and Systems Engineer in the DevOps team.

In his free time Don enjoys playing video games and board games, being outdoors (camping, hiking, running, walking ) with family and friends, and is an amateur radio since 1996.

Phone: 315-228-6815 

Networking and Unified Communications Team

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John Gattuso

Technical Director of Networking and Unified Communication

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John joined Colgate University as a Systems & Network Specialist in October 1993.  He was promoted to Director of Network, Systems and Operations in 2000 where he served until 2011. In 2011 he accepted the position of Technical Director of  infrastructure in charge of budgeting, planning and infrastructure upgrades.  In 2017  he accepted the position of Technical Director of Networking and Unified communications. The newly created position is in charge of  the network, server, storage and communications hardware supporting the academic, administration,  and research computing programs of the University.

Phone: 315-228-7485
Jubel Caudill

Jubel Caudill

Senior Network Engineer 

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I started working at Colgate in 1992. My original job was managing the student workforce and computer labs, then moving into desktop support for faculty and staff across campus also doing a lot of training. In 1994 my responsibilities expanded into the network group where I have worked since.

Prior to Colgate, I had a computer consulting business focusing on agricultural based businesses and farming operations.

In my spare time I run an all-natural grass-fed beef farm.

Phone: 315-228-7885
Rob Gaudreau

Rob Gaudreau

Senior Network Engineer 

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BT Information Technology: Network Administration, Morrisville State College

In his second stint at Colgate, Rob builds and fixes networkie things.  He has fourteen years in the higher-ed Information Technology field and enjoys the vast array of projects and unique challenges it can bring.  Rob is really just your friendly neighborhood IT guy.  

In his free time Rob enjoys baseball, video/board games, and spending time with his wife and daughter.  

Phone: 315-228-7903 
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Alan Lawton

Senior Network Engineer 

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Alan joined Colgate as a Senior Network Engineer in July 2017. He has spent the past twelve years as a network and systems administrator in both the public and private sectors.

In his free time Alan enjoys camping, brewing beer, board games and spending time with his wife and two boys.

Phone: 315-228-7926 

Research and High-Performance Computing Team

Howard Powell

Howard Powell

Technical Director of Research and High-Performance Computing

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Howard joined Colgate as a High Performance Computing Specialist in 2016.  He currently focuses on connecting researchers with computing assets to enable faculty and students to meet their computer-related  research needs and clear roadblocks that prevent research.

Prior to Colgate, Howard worked at the University of Virginia for 12 years in various IT-related roles, and then took a few years to explore the private sector.
Howard does not enjoy the cold weather in Central New York State, so you will often find him somewhere warm, such as behind Colgate's beowulf cluster rack where it's quite pleasant.

Dan Wheeler

Dan Wheeler

Senior Research and High-Performance Computing Specialist 

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MS, Computer Science, RPI BS, Oceanography, US Naval Academy

A jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none with Colgate ITS since 2000, Dan currently spends much of his time supporting Colgate’s Moodle learning management system, instructing and responding to questions and requests from faculty and students and managing the Linux systems where Moodle and other academic services reside. He also helps support mapping efforts; web sites, blogs, and wikis; and poster projects. Professionally Dan is interested in human-computer interaction and collaborative software environments. A scientist at heart, he also loves history and political science and the rest of the liberal arts.

In his free time Dan enjoys reading, hiking, biking, photography, yoga, the Horse Flies, KEXP, WUMB, and driving an ambulance.

Phone: 315-228-7742