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About the Lightboard

The Lightboard is a glass chalkboard combined with a video camera setup that allows  instructors to create educational content. Writing on a transparent surface, instructors face their audience and lecture with hand-drawn or imported visuals - creating a more comfortable and familiar setting for making video recordings. Making recordings on the Lightboard requires some thought, advance planning and production support, but the end result can be engaging instructional content that can be reused multiple times to support student learning. Some possible uses include:

  • Model sample problems
  • Annotate diagrams and images
  • Create a series of micro lectures
  • Explain persistently challenging concepts
  • Explore creative performance / storytelling


We partner with Colgate faculty of all disciplines who are interested in exploring and creating instructional content. The support we offer includes:

  • Lightboard orientation and practice in the studio setting
  • Content planning and storyboarding
  • Thinking through evidence-based practices for creating and using instructional video
  • Post production editing
  • Uploading and sharing content on Colgate’s supported media platform
  • Activity design and guidance for learners using recorded content
  • Creating sample formative assessments to collect learner feedback


If you are interested in learning more about the lightboard, please contact our Instructional Designer for Innovative Media:

Sarah Kunze

Additional Information:

Founder of the Lightboard – Michael Peshkin’s site

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