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Instructional Technology

Teaching with Technology Spotlight

Aisha Musa - Wikipedia Student Authoring
RELG310 Islamic Jurisprudence
Students used what they learned from course readings, class discussions and research to contribute to and improve Wikipedia content related to the course subject matter. Over the semester, students worked in groups to identify relevant Wikipedia articles, compare Wikipedia articles to other reference sources, choose an article to edit, study and critique the article to identify what to contribute, and finally, to present their contributions in class and submit them to Wikipedia.
Robert Garland - VisLab & Murder on the Ides
The Ho Tung Visualization Lab in coordination with the Classics department presented Murder on the Ides.  March, 44 BCE was the most infamous day in Roman history.  It's the day when the most celebrated Roman of all time, Gaius Julius Caesar, was brutally murdered by assassins.  Combined with green screen technology and fulldome animations, Colgate students, staff, and faculty produced this full dome show to uncover the mysteries surrounding this fateful day.  Narrated by Classics professor, Robert Garland.
Karen Harpp - Google Earth
Geology & Peace & Conflict Studies
Students used Google Earth to create maps and geographic visualization tools in Geology and Peace & Conflict Studies courses.  Hazard maps of active volcanoes were constructed by volcanology students.  Students in Megageology created student-designed Google Earth flyovers of geological sites and and an illustrated online field guide was created by an extended study trip to Chilean volcanoes.  In the Weapons and War course, students learned data management, spreadsheet and map-making skills by investigating the global impacts of the Cold War.

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How Can Technology Enhance Teaching?

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Enhancing Classroom Organization and Pedagogy with Moodle
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Digital Media Services
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Technology-Enhanced Classroom Equipment
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Software Installed on Classroom Computers
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Collaboration for Enhanced Learning (CEL)
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