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Student Conduct

Colgate’s disciplinary system is rooted in the Code of Student Conduct and the Academic Honor Code. Students are expected to both know and uphold the expectations and spirit of each.

It is the point at which either of these are not upheld that students have the opportunity to interact with the disciplinary system. The University's Disciplinary Officer has responsibility for ensuring that standards of consistency and equity are maintained. The current Disciplinary Officer is Kim Taylor, associate dean for conduct.

With the Vision for Residential Education, students are expected to develop the skills that lead to effective self-governance in their respective communities. In order to support the growth toward self-governance, a number of community members have responsibilities for assuring the positive application of both the Code of Student Conduct and the Academic Honor Code.

In the residence halls, Resident Advisors specifically, and Residential Education Coordinators more globally, are entrusted to address violations of Colgate policy through direct interaction and communication with students. Both inside the residence halls and beyond, Campus Safety Officers will also address violations of policy. When students have been found to violate policy, their behavior is documented and forwarded to the Dean's Office for review. Students have an opportunity to discuss their role in the alleged incident in an administrative hearing.

Students are expected to be accountable and responsible for the choices they make and it is the administrative hearing through which students learn about the consequences of their behavior. At its core, the disciplinary system is an educational process and thus it is hoped that students will take the opportunity to better understand the decisions they made so that they can make more informed and responsible decisions in the future.

Colgate utilizes a progressive sanctioning system when students have been found responsible for violations of the Colgate Code of Student Conduct. The university has a two-pronged approach to discipline which seeks to ensure that sanctions and wellness-related educational referrals are appropriate to the respective violation. If students have multiple violations of the Code of Student Conduct over time, they can expect that the sanctions will become stronger with each successive violation. Continued violations may result in a hearing before the University Student Conduct Board.

For specific and detailed information on the Code of Student Conduct and the Academic Honor Code, please refer to the Student Handbook above.

Kim Taylor
Associate Dean for Conduct