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Administrative Deans

Colgate offers a wide range of educational programs that promote student success in and out of the classroom. To this end, each student is assigned an administrative dean in addition to a faculty adviser.
Routinely, students see an administrative dean when they need advice regarding personal and/or academic matters or information on the many support resources available at Colgate. Administrative deans also assist students in navigating and understanding administrative policies and procedures detailed in the catalogue and student handbook as they relate to the student experience. The deans are committed to providing support while promoting the intellectual and emotional development of students.
Clarifying policies, procedures and petitions
Administrative Deans can assist students with questions that may arise regarding policies and procedures outlined in the university catalog and student handbook. These questions commonly deal with leaves of absence or withdrawal from the university, disciplinary matters, emergencies and issues that might affect the student's academic progress and/or experience.
Assisting with personal challenges
Personal issues both on campus, and at home, can be discussed with an administrative dean. The dean may also assist the student in connecting with others in the Colgate community or elsewhere who can work with the student on addressing concerns.
Working with faculty
Instructors and faculty advisers may confer with an administrative dean on questions of university policy or on an individual student's progress in a course. Other areas of mutual concern between a faculty member and an administrative dean include: authorization of incomplete grades, verification of prolonged absence from class, and academic standing. Faculty members are asked to report information to administrative deans when academic absences from class are excessive and/or students experience academic difficulty in a course. These course progress reports are sent to the student, with a copy to the student's faculty adviser. The administrative dean may also request a specific progress report at any time if he or she feels that the student's academic status is in question.
Engaging parents/guardians
The university, as a matter of policy and philosophy, works with students as adults and as a result, assumes that they will take responsibility for their academic and personal lives at Colgate. However, in the event that that an administrative dean feels that a student's Colgate career is in jeopardy due to health, academic, or disciplinary reasons, the university may contact the student's parents or legal guardians.

Dean’s Open Office Hours

1:30–4:30 p.m.
116 McGregory Hall

Stop by to see an administrative dean to get timely answers to questions about deadlines and policy matters or seek guidance on a personal and/or academic matter.


Lindsay Hadlock
Administrative Assistant

Phone: 315-228-7368
Jennifer L. Jones
Administrative Assistant

Phone: 315-228-6131

Mission Statement

The administrative deans are committed to developing meaningful relationships with students from a diversity of perspectives, backgrounds and learning styles. We strive to be accessible and supportive while empowering students to take responsibility for their lives and Colgate experience. We provide stewardship and guidance while promoting the intellectual and emotional development of our students. We approach advising as a partnership with students, staff and faculty, using our knowledge and the knowledge of others to holistically address the needs of Colgate students.