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Faculty Governance

Governance is a shared responsibility among Colgate faculty, who contribute through membership on the committees outlined on this page.

Faculty Meetings and Events

Please visit the online campus calendar to view upcoming events.


Governance List 2015-2016 FINAL

  1. Academic Affairs Board
  2. Student Affairs Board
  3. Advisory and Planning Committee
  4. Liaison committees
  5. Standing committees of the faculty
    • Committee on Faculty Affairs
    • Committee on Promotion and Tenure
    • Faculty Committee on Affirmative Action Oversight
    • Faculty Nominating Committee
  6. Joint faculty-student committees
    • University Student Conduct Board
  7. Board of Trustees Committees
    • Committee on Honorary Degrees and Civic Awards
    • Nominating Committee
  8. Other Standing and Ad Hoc Committees
    • Staff Affirmative Action Oversight Committee
    • Animal Care and Use Committee
    • Arts Council
    • Asian Studies Council
    • Benefits Committee
    • Bookstore Advisory Committee
    • Emergency Preparedness Committee
    • Environmental Studies Advisory Committee
    • Council for Faculty Development
    • Committee on Graduate Fellowships
    • Grievance Committee
    • Health Sciences Advisory Committee
    • Institutional Review Board
    • International Relations Advisory Committee
    • Linguistics Executive Committee
    • Committee on Off-Campus Study Groups
    • Peace and Conflict Studies Program Faculty
    • Petitions Committee
    • Research Council
    • Safety Advisory Committee
    • Committee on Standards and Academic Standing
    • Women's Studies Advisory Committee