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Faculty Governance

Governance is a shared responsibility among Colgate faculty, who contribute through membership on the committees outlined on this page.

Faculty Meetings and Events

Faculty reviewing the Bhagavad Gita in committee


Governance List 2016-2017  

  1. Academic Affairs Board
  2. Student Affairs Board
  3. Advisory and Planning Committee
  4. Liaison committees
  5. Standing committees of the faculty
  6. Joint faculty-student committees
    • University Student Conduct Board
  7. Board of Trustees Committees
    • Committee on Honorary Degrees and Civic Awards
    • Nominating Committee
  8. Other Standing and Ad Hoc Committees
    • Staff Affirmative Action Oversight Committee
    • Animal Care and Use Committee
    • Arts Council
    • Asian Studies Council
    • Benefits Committee
    • Bookstore Advisory Committee
    • Emergency Preparedness Committee
    • Environmental Studies Advisory Committee
    • Faculty Development Council
    • Committee on Graduate Fellowships
    • Grievance Committee
    • Health Sciences Advisory Committee
    • Institutional Review Board
    • International Relations Advisory Committee
    • Linguistics Executive Committee
    • Committee on Off-Campus Study Groups
    • Peace and Conflict Studies Program Faculty
    • Petitions Committee
    • Research Council
    • Safety Advisory Committee
    • Committee on Standards and Academic Standing
    • Women's Studies Advisory Committee