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Funding Opportunities

External Grants

Colgate’s office of Corporate, Foundation and Government Relations (Grants Office) assists faculty in locating and applying for external grants and sponsored research. Web resources include:
All proposals for external grants or contracts that will be administered by Colgate (i.e., funds are paid to and disbursed by the university) must be reviewed and approved before they are submitted to the funding agency. For information or assistance, contact Helen Kebabian or Bruce Moseley in the Grants Office, ext. 7451.

Colgate Funding Sources

The university offers competitive funding for a wide range of faculty research and teaching activities. For programs with specific deadlines, requests for proposals are issued via e-mail to all faculty.

Colgate grants for research and other scholarly and creative activities:

Faculty Research Council
Grants and leaves to support research and creative work in all fields. Please consult Research Council guidelines, budget form, and sample proposals. Chair: Amy Leventer.
Type of grant   Maximum award   Deadline
Discretionary grants*

Major grant (June 2015 – Aug. 2016)
  $1,500 / year

  any time

Jan. 23, 2015
Picker fellowship (June 2015 – Aug. 2016)   $10,000   Jan. 23, 2015
Senior or Associate faculty leave in 2015-16   1-2 SLA credits   Jan. 23, 2015
Horned Dorset Colony creative artist residency   1-month residency, summer 2015   Jan. 23, 2015
Publication expenses grant   $1,000   any time
Textbook preparation loan   $3,000   any time
Publication subvention grant   $3,000   any time
Student wages   150 hrs/semester; 200 hrs/summer   any time
*Research Council Discretionary Grants: maximum $1,500 per year. Consult the guidelines for categories of support, which include research travel, non-student wages, and other research expenses. Apply any time via e-mail to Research Council chair Amy Leventer.
Picker Interdisciplinary Science Institute
Grants for internal and external collaborations that bring expertise from different disciplines to bear on current and emerging scientific problems. Director: Dan Schult. Web: Picker Science Institute.
Type of grant   Maximum award   Deadline
Interdisciplinary science research   $150,000/year for 2 years   Pre-proposal Nov. 24, 2014; Full proposal Feb. 2, 2015.
Interdisciplinary speakers or colloquia   TBD   Contact Picker Institute director
Upstate Institute
Grants for research pertaining to the upstate New York region, and for scholarly symposia, conferences, or workshops that address issues related to the region. Director: Bruce Selleck. Web: Upstate Institute.
Type of grant   Maximum award   Deadline
Research   $5,000   any time
Discretionary research grants   $500   any time
Scholarly symposia, workshops, etc.   $2,500   any time
Lampert Institute for Civic and Global Affairs
Grants for research that addresses civic affairs and public policy in the global context. Proposals focused in Africa, East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, or South or Central America will be given priority.  Please consult guidelines (2015). Director: David McCabe. Web: Lampert Institute.
Type of grant   Maximum award   Deadline
Lampert Faculty Scholars   $10,000   January 23, 2015
Faculty-Initiated Summer Research Apprenticeships
Support for Colgate students to assist with research or creative projects chosen, designed, and proposed by faculty members. For details, see Faculty-Initiated Fellowships and Summer Research Guidelines. Apply to Division Director.
Type of grant   Maximum award   Deadline
6-10 weeks summer research funding for Colgate student(s)   3 students   Dec. 2, 2014
Sponsored Research Support Fund
Short-term funding to sustain research programs of faculty who have previously brought in external grants. The investigator must have applied for continued external funding. Limited to 12 months’ support, for tenure stream and Category I faculty only. No deadlines; apply to Dean/Provost Doug Hicks.
Types of support
  • Equipment, supplies, student research stipends, publication costs, travel – to continue a research program.
  • Matching funds for required University contributions to external grant proposals.
  • If funds allow: support for developing a research program, for faculty who have not yet received external funding.
Travel to Professional Meetings and Research-Related Expenses
An allotment of up to $1,750 per year to attend or present at professional meetings.
Up to $250 of this allotment may be used for research-related expenses.

Eligibility: Full-time teaching faculty (includes special or terminal appointments of one year or more, and postdoctoral fellows), Category I teaching faculty, and PERA faculty.
For $250 research expenses: Full-time tenure-stream and category I faculty.

Reimbursable expenses: registration fees, transportation, accommodations, meals, and incidentals.

Follow Colgate's Travel Policy; submit receipts to your Division's administrative assistant with a Travel Expense Summary form, found here.  Division contacts: AHUM, Beth MacKinnon; NASC, Diane Janney; SOSC, Ginger Babich; UNST, Matthew Davis.
CNY Humanities Corridor Travel Funding
Travel funds to develop scholarly humanities projects with colleagues at Humanities Corridor universities (Cornell, Syracuse, Rochester) and New York Six colleges; or to attend Humanities Corridor events. Apply to Mary Ann Calo, Arts & Humanities Division Director.
Arts & Humanities Faculty Development Grants
Supplemental funding for conference travel and research expenses. Rolling deadline. For details, contact Beth MacKinnon, Arts & Humanities Division administrative assistant.

Colgate grants for faculty development and curriculum development:

Faculty Development Council
Grants for projects designed to strengthen pedagogical skills; to improve communication among faculty about pedagogical issues; or to extend the range of the faculty's teaching and advising capabilities. Consult guidelines for details. Chair: Alan Cooper (fall 2014), Maura Tumulty (spring 2015)
Type of grant   Maximum award   Deadline
Major grant for January – August 2015   $3,000   Nov. 7, 2014
Major grant for July 2015 – August 2016   $3,000   March 27, 2015
Discretionary grants   $750   any time
Kallgren Fund Travel Grants: Travel for groups of faculty designed to contribute to new pedagogical, curricular, and/or scholarly developments. Total funding available: $40,000. Deadline: September 15, 2014, for travel to be completed by Aug. 31, 2015.
Academic Technology Grants
Teaching and Technology Micro Grants (up to $500 per course) for software, apps, web-based subscriptions, etc. No hardware. Apply any time via web form.
Course Development Grants: Civic / Community-Based Education
Faculty stipends to develop or redesign a course, and implementation funds to offer the course twice. Apply through the Upstate Institute (use the Research Council budget form). Deadline March 20, 2015.
Course Development Grants: Intergroup Relations or Related Pedagogies
Funding to develop a course that utilizes Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) or related pedagogies. Up to $10,000 for a new course and $4,000 for substantial redesign of an existing course; may be used for course development costs, faculty stipend, and direct course expenses. Please consult RFP. Deadline: April 1, 2015.
Fund for Innovation in Study Abroad
Support for faculty site visits to initiate new study-abroad or extended study programs. Contacts: Kara Bingham, director of international programs; Nicole Simpson, chair of the off-campus study committee.
Type of grant   Maximum award   Deadline
Institutional relationship building   Interdivisional site visits to foreign universities   Dec. 3, 2014
Program development   Site visits to develop study groups/extended studies   Dec. 3, 2014

Colgate funding for campus arts events:

Colgate Arts Council
Support for creative and performing arts projects and performances, primarily in the fields of music, theater, dance, creative writing, visual art, and film. The Arts Council seeks to support unusual and consequential projects which require funding above normal departmental and program budgets. See Arts Council guidelines. Chair: Carol Ann Lorenz.
Type of grant   Maximum award   Deadline
Events in fall 2014   $12,000    Sept. 15, 2014
Events in spring 2015   $12,000    Nov. 15, 2014
           (early bird deadline: Sept. 30)
Events in fall 2015   $12,000    April 13, 2015
           (early bird deadline: Feb. 16)
Discretionary grants   $2,000    at least 6 weeks prior to proposed event

Endowed chair funds:

Endowed Chair Fund Spending
Endowed chair holders are provided a fund that can be used for expenses in support of the teaching, research, and service of the chair holder or his/her department.