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Counseling Center

The center, located in Conant House, focuses on helping students to ameliorate problems that might be obstacles to their growth and development.


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* Please note that online appointments will not be available for the remainder of the spring semester. Please call the office for an appointment at (315) 228-7385.

National Sleep Awareness Week!

Consistent, quality sleep is essential for college students. Getting enough sleep has been linked to lower stress, better emotion regulation, and overall effectiveness. Learn about how to get a better nights rest here

Stress Management

Stress isn’t always a bad thing. Some stress pushes us to meet goals by studying more, working harder or sticking with a challenging task. But sometimes stress reaches an unhealthy level that can prevent us from functioning well and meeting our goals. Recent research from The Jed Foundation and MTV found that over half of all college students had been so stressed that they couldn’t function at some point during the last year. Our health, goals and social life can all suffer when stress becomes too much to handle. That’s because stress can affect our moods and ability to think clearly. It can also weaken our immune system and make us more susceptible to getting sick. To learn more about stress and how to manage it from Half of Us.

Beating the Winter Blues

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is characterized by the onset of depression during the winter months, when there is less natural sunlight. The depression generally lifts during spring and summer. SAD may be effectively treated with light therapy, but nearly half of those with SAD do not get better with light therapy alone. Antidepressant medication and psychotherapy can reduce SAD symptoms, either alone or in combination with light therapy. Please follow these links for more information on SAD, it’s symptoms and what to do about it.  

Concerned About a Friend?

Report an incident or concern if you are concerned about a student. It is important to share that information so we can seek to provide assistance.