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Risk Management

Property/Casualty Insurance

Colgate University requires any outside parties selling product, conducting an event, performing construction or repair work, supplying leased equipment or utilizing Colgate premises to provide evidence of specific insurance coverage.

Requirements for:
Vendors, performers and third party users of Colgate facilities that do not have their own insurance coverage can apply for single event coverage that will meet the insurance requirements of the university. This coverage is provided by the URMIA (University Risk Management and Insurance Association) TULIP (Tenant Users Liability Insurance Protection) Program. This policy will be written in the tenant user's name and payment of premium is the tenant user's responsibility. Payment is due at the time of application via credit card. Once the request for coverage form is completed, a university representative will assist you in obtaining coverage.

Fleet Safety

The university maintains a fleet of vehicles for use by the Colgate community, including students. These vehicles are to be used only for the enhancement of official programs offered through the university. As part of its safety program, the university has established procedures to be followed in association with the use of a fleet vehicle.

International Travel

Colgate University has contracted with International SOS for travel abroad.  Please see the Off-Campus Study website for more information.

Additional Information

Requests for additional information and questions should be directed to:

Andrew Fagon
Assistant Controller
Risk manager, external research grants