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Link and Orientation Staff 2017-18

Applications are now closed for all orientation volunteer positions for 2017-2018. Please check back in January 2018 for information about 2018-2019 positions and timelines.

What Is Link Staff?

Members of the link staff are Colgate students who serve as guides for incoming new students throughout orientation, as well as mentors throughout students' first year. Each first-year seminar is matched with a member of the link staff.

Meet Your Link

Olivia Fenton

FSEM 100 – Olivia Fenton '19

Will be working with David Minster '18
Hometown: Toms River, NJ
Major: Psychology
Minor: Women's studies
Campus Involvement: EngAGE Co-Leader, Peer Health Educators Co-Leader, Greek Life, Shaw Wellness Intern
Fun Fact: I finished the Kitchen Sink ice cream challenge in Disney World (the sundae was at least twice the size of my head) and consequently became lactose intolerant. Totally worth it.
David Minster

FSEM 100 – David Minster '18

Will be working with Olivia Fenton '19
Hometown: Scarsdale, NY
Major: History
Minor: Political science
Campus Involvement: Blue Diamond Society, Colgate Maroon-News
Fun Fact: Once choked on a cherry tomato because I tried to inhale it.
Hyeon Jeong

FSEM 101 - Hyeon Jeong '18

Will be working with Helen Misiewicz '20
Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa
Major: Mathematical economics
Minor: Philosophy
Campus Involvement: Yes Means Yes Facilitator, Konosioni Senior Honor Society, Writing and Speaking Center Consultant, Greek Life
Fun FactI speak three languages, grew up across two continents, and have one little brother!
Helen Misiewicz

FSEM 101 – Helen Misiewicz '20

Will be working with Hyeon Jeong '18
: Millstone Township, NJ
Major: Economics
Minor: Spanish
Campus Involvement: Newman Community, Sidekicks, Sailing Club, Beauty Project at Colgate
Fun Fact: I've never broken a bone.
Tiffany Castillo

FSEM 102 - Tiffany Castillo '18

Hometown: Monroe, NJ
Major: Neuroscience
Minor: Religion
Campus Involvement: Colgate Dischords, Newman Community, Lampert Institute for Civic and Global Affairs, Office of Undergraduate Studies
Fun Fact: I love to eat ice cream and fruit (especially with my cat named Papaya).
Dzenan Celjo

FSEM 103 – Dzenan Celjo '20

Hometown: Gorazde, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Major: International relations
Campus Involvement: Student Government Association, Office of Admission, Brothers, Benton Scholars
Fun Fact: Hillary Clinton signed my "Most likely to become president" senior superlative. Tragically ironic.
Derek Baker

FSEM 104 – Derek Baker '18

Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Major: French
Minor: Philosophy
Campus Involvement: Student Government Association, Mock Trial
Fun Fact: Until February 28th, 2016 Leonardo DiCaprio and I had the same number of Oscars.
Seth Martin

FSEM 105 - Seth Martin '18

Hometown: Branson, MO
Major: Political science and philosophy
Campus Involvement: University Chorus
Fun Fact: I worked at a doggie day care! I love cats and dogs and it was the best job ever!
Grace Cromwell

FSEM 106 – Grace Cromwell '19

Will be working with Courtney Gilroy '19 (listed below)
: York, ME
Major: Molecular biology
Campus Involvement: Hamilton Outdoors Group Co-Leader, Team Boston, Greek Life
Fun Fact: My dimple was created by my horse kicking me in the face.
Sam Abecassis

FSEM 107 - Sam Abecassis '19

Hometown: White Plains, NY
Major: Biology 
Minor: Philosophy
Campus Involvement: Blue Diamond Society, Club Baseball, Colgate Jewish Union
Fun Fact: I averaged at least 3 coop smoothies a day as a first year. One of the many reasons why Gatehouse is the Greathouse.
Mariam Nael

FSEM 111 – Mariam Nael '18

Hometown: Singapore
Major: Women's studies 
Minor: Economics
Campus Involvement: Yes Means Yes Intern, Konosioni Senior Honor Society, This Is Not A Play About Sex, Thought Into Action
Fun Fact: Justin Bieber scolded me at a concert because I kept throwing posters on stage.
Kristy Saldaña

FSEM 113 – Kristy Saldaña '18

Hometown: Trenton, NJ
Major: History
Minor: Educational studies
Campus Involvement: Latin American Student Organization, Spanish Language Debate Society, Latin American Dance, Office of Admission Tour Guide and Illustrator
Fun Fact: I hate orange juice.
Ayah Elarabi

FSEM 114 – Ayah Elarabi '20

Hometown: Hamden, CT
Major: International relations
Minor: Economics
Campus Involvement: Student Government Association, Sociology and Anthropology Research Assistant, Annual Fund Student Caller, French Learning Program
Fun Fact: I am a native speaker of three languages.
Mallory Shaner

FSEM 115 – Mallory Shaner '18

Hometown: Mamaroneck, NY
Major: French and reason, faith and politics
Campus Involvement: Greek Life, Model United Nations, Upstate Institute, Spoon U, French Club, Office of International Student Services, Cabaret, Intramural Sports, This Is Not A Play About Sex
Fun Fact: I was born on April Fool’s Day and my tongue isn’t fully attached.
Yimei Lin

FSEM 117 - Yimei Lin '20

Will be working with Leiya Salis '19
: Manlius, NY
Major: Biology and music
Campus Involvement: Chamber, Orchestra, Figure Skating Club, Pet Pals
Fun Fact: I helped deliver four puppies last summer.
Andy Koefoed

FSEM 120 – Andy Koefoed '19

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Major: Biochemistry
Campus Involvement: Ski Team Captain, Greek Life, Pre-Health Student Association
Fun Fact: I’ve skied in all 12 months of the year.
Benjamin Hack

FSEM 123 – Benjamin Hack '18

Hometown: Suffern, NY
Major: Neuroscience
Minor: Classics
Campus Involvement: Global Medical Brigades President, Chemistry/Orgo Tutor, Masque and Triangle Student Theater
Fun Fact: I've been a pescatarian since I was born.
Orlando Gil

FSEM 124 – Orlando Gil '18

Will be working with Chris Pang '20
Hometown: Manhattan, NY
Major: Psychology
Minor: Film and media studies
Campus Involvement: Colgate in Entertainment, Ho Tsung Visualization Lab, Greek Life, Student Committee on Providing Entertainment, Brothers, Ski and Snowboard Club
Fun Fact: I am the fourth generation Orlando and I love the number four.
Chris Pang

FSEM 124 – Chris Pang '20

Will be working with Orlando Gil '18
Hometown: Hong Kong
Major: Biology and economics
Campus Involvement: Student Government Association, Brothers, Club Soccer, Korean Culture Association, Jazz Ensemble
Fun Fact: I follow Hypebeast fashion but I'm not really one myself.
Abby Waxler

FSEM 127 – Abby Waxler '19

Hometown: Wyomissing, PA
Major: Computer science
Minor: Applied mathematics
Campus Involvement: Student Government Association Senate, Women in Computer Science, Maroon-News, Thought Into Action, Greek Life
Fun Fact: Although I don't consider myself a tourist of NYC, I cannot visit Manhattan without a trip to the M&M store.
Kenny Citron

FSEM 134 – Kenny Citron '19

Will be working with Danny Jaris '19
: Cos Cob, CT
Major: Economics
Campus Involvement: Men's Varsity Ice Hockey, Adopt-a-Classroom
Fun Fact: Pesca-pescatarian. I only eat fish that eat other fish.
Danny Jaris

FSEM 134 – Danny Jaris '19

Will be working with Kenny Citron '19
: Harrington Park, NJ
Major: Biology
Minor: Religion
Campus Involvement: Rotaract Community Service Organization, Pre-Health Student Association
Fun Fact: In the 5th grade, a dog ran through an electric fence and bit my leg, destroying my middle school soccer career.
Victory Unigwe

FSEM 135 - Victory Unigwe '19

Hometown: New York City, NY
Major: Physics
Campus Involvement: Track Team, Engineering Club, Fencing Club, African Student Union, First Generation Initiative
Fun Fact: I speak 5 languages.
JP McMahon ’19

FSEM 137 – JP McMahon '19

Hometown: New Canaan, CT
Major: Chemistry
Minor: Economics
Campus Involvement: American Heart Association, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, Men's Club Ice Hockey, Greek Life
Fun Fact: In 2006 I was named Time Magazine's person of the year at just 10 years old.
Molly Lieberman

FSEM 139 – Molly Lieberman '19

Hometown: Queensbury, NY
Major: Psychology
Campus Involvement: COVE Liberty Kids Co-Leader, Psychology Research Assistant, Greek Life
Fun Fact: I love to travel even if it's not somewhere really far and along the way I buy thimbles to add to my collection! My favorite is a glass thimble from Disney World that has Mickey from Fantasia on top.
Lindsey Derbyshire

FSEM 145 – Lindsey Derbyshire '18

Hometown: Slingerlands, NY
Major: Computer science
Minor: Applied mathematics 
Campus Involvement: Groove Dance Troupe Captain, Greek Letter Organization President, Women in Computer Science Club
Fun Fact: My order at Flour and Salt is a SEC (sausage, egg, and cheddar) on a rosemary and salt bagel with Frank's hot sauce on the side.
Wil Stowers

FSEM 146 - Wil Stowers '19

Hometown: Kennesaw, GA
Major: Russian and eurasian studies and political science
Campus Involvement: Office of Admission, Center for Outreach, Volunteerism & Education (COVE), Student Government Association, Lambda, College Republicans, Maroon-News, Odyssey, Drug & Alcohol Peer Advisors
Fun Fact: I played the tuba for two years in my high school marching band!
Greer Harrison ’18

FSEM 149 – Greer Harrison '18

Hometown: Hinsdale, IL
Major: History and religion
Campus Involvement: Mock Trial President, Greek Life
Fun Fact: I learned how to drive a car when I was thirteen!!
Sarah Catterson

FSEM 150 - Sarah Catterson '18

Hometown: Mount Sinai, NY
Major: History and english literature
Campus Involvement: Office of Admission Tour Guide, Women's Club Water Polo, Greek Life
Fun Fact: Studied abroad in London, professional tourist, avid coffee drinker, dog lover
Matt Zee ’19

FSEM 152 – Matt Zee '19

Hometown: Sudbury, MA
Major: English and political science
Campus Involvement: Sidekicks, The One Love Foundation, Center for Outreach, Volunteerism & Education (COVE), Greek Life
Fun Fact: I peel bananas from the bottom like monkeys do.
Rohan Chaudhari ’19

FSEM 155 – Rohan Chaudhari '19

Will be working with Maddie Srivastava '19
: Kolkata, India
Major: Computer science
Minor: Philosophy
Campus Involvement: Greek Life, Outdoor Education, Debate Team, Brown Bags
Fun Fact: I can eat more spicy food than you can.
John Bermudez

FSEM 160 – John Bermudez '20

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Major: Geography
Minor: Economics
Campus Involvement: Club Sports, Thought Into Action, Finance Club, Office of Admission
Fun Fact: I was briefly kidnapped when I was a kid due to my obsession with eating chicken. Ask me for more details.
Sophie Grayer

FSEM 161 - Sophie Grayer '19

Hometown: Rye, NY
Major: Philosophy and religion
Minor: Creative writing
Campus Involvement: Greek Life, SideKick, Student Affairs Board, HerCampus Social Media
Fun Fact: I used strawberry toothpaste until the age of fourteen. 
Mason Jones

FSEM 164 – Mason Jones '18

Hometown: Northwest, AR
Major: English and sociology
Campus Involvement: Senior Admission Fellow, Writing and Speaking Center Consultant, Theater, Kuumba, Konosioni Senior Honor Society
Interesting Fact: I was voted both ‘most talkative’ and ‘wackiest dressed’ in my school’s yearbook. Coincidentally, I can be credited with bringing the skinny jean to Arkansas.
Kaitlyn Rodriguez '18

FSEM 165 – Kaitlyn Rodriguez '18

Will be working with Alex Valdez '19
: Easton, PA
MajorMolecular biology
Campus Involvement: Biology Research Assistant, Office of Admission Tour Guide, Annual Fund Student Caller, Club Field Hockey, Beta Beta Beta, Greek Life
Fun Fact: I never naturally lost a tooth; I had to have them all pulled.
Alex Valdez

FSEM 165 – Alex Valdez '19

Will be working with Kaitlyn Rodriguez '18
: Ontario, CA
Major: Peace and conflict studies
Major: History
Campus Involvement: First Generation Inititative, University Orchestra, Latin American Student Organization, Student Government Association Senate, Sailing Team, Trivia Club, Secular Association for Skeptical Students Vice President
Fun Fact: I've played the piano for 14 years.
Dan Miller

FSEM 166 – Dan Miller ’19

Will be working with D'Jonita Cottrell
: Thurmont, MD
Major: Political science and music
Campus Involvement: Colgate Resolutions a cappella, FUSE Dance Company, Cabaret Vocal Showcase, Alumni Memorial Scholars, Newman Catholic Community
Fun Fact: I have performed in 13 musical theater productions.
Louisa Fowler

FSEM 167 – Louisa Fowler '20

Hometown: Summit, NJ
Major: Religion and love and kinship
Campus Involvement: Outdoor Education, Club Frisbee, DoRAK, Triathlon Club
Fun Fact: I eat more Sunflower Seed butter than anybody ever (I'm allergic to nuts).
Ben Ringel

FSEM 168 – Ben Ringel '18

Hometown: White Plains, NY
Major: International relations and spanish
Campus Involvement: Club Baseball, Blue Diamond Society, Foreign Language Program Spanish Tutoring, Konosioni Senior Honor Society
Fun Fact: I once got 40 stitches in my mouth.
Amanda Milberg

FSEM 169 – Amanda Milberg '18

Hometown: Long Island, NY
Major: Computer science and mathematics
Campus Involvement: FUSE Dance Company, BRITE, Women in Computer Science, Information Technology Services Desk Consultant, Office of Admission Student Illustrator
Fun FactKitchen sponges (or really anything that wrings water) gives me the shivers.
Enrique Nunez

FSEM 171 – Enrique Nuñez '19

Will be working with Grace Cummins '19
: San Antonio, TX
Major: Educational studies
Campus Involvement: First Generation Initiative, Latin American Student Organization, Sophomore Residential Seminar Alum, Bystander Intervention Intern, Greek Life
Fun Fact: I often take photos in places that forbid picture taking... Yikes.
Regina Pimentel '18

FSEM 177 – Regina Pimentel '18

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Major: Geology
Campus Involvement: Rugby, Benton Scholar
Fun Fact: I can quote the entirety of Nacho Libre and School of Rock.
Bobbie Howie

FSEM 178 – Bobbie Howie '18

Hometown: Fort Edward, NY
Major: Environmental studies and philosophy 
Campus Involvement: Office of Undergraduate Studies, Konosioni Senior Honor Society, Residential Life, Internet Gamers, Music Department Stage Manager
Fun Fact: I have blue eyes, but both of my parents have brown eyes.
Mary Clubb

FSEM 179 – Mary Clubb '19

Hometown: Purcellville, VA
Major: Peace and conflict studies
Minor: Women's studies
Campus Involvement: Bystander Intervention Intern, Rugby, Student Government Association, This Is Not A Play About Sex 
Fun Fact: I was born in England and lived there for 2 years and also my parents baptized me out of a salad bowl because I had chicken pox and couldn't go into the church.
Alexis Gajwani

FSEM 180 – Alexis Gajwani '19

Hometown: Darien, CT
Major: Mathematical economics
Campus Involvement: Real Estate Club, Colgate Investment Group
Fun Fact: I’m a gemini
Emily Palermo

FSEM 182 – Emily Palermo '18

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Major: Educational studies and sociology
Campus Involvement: The Colgate Resolutions, Budget Allocations Committee, Konosioni Senior Honor Society, Greek Life
Fun Fact: My lifelong dream is to be Justin Timberlake's back-up singer.
Andrew DeFrank

FSEM 183 – Andrew DeFrank '18

Will be working with Darian Nicholson '19
: Washington, DC
Major: Political science
Minor: Peace and conflict studies
Campus Involvement: Benton Scholar, Student Government Association Parliamentarian and Senator, Colgate for Hillary Founder/President, Office of Admission Tour Guide
Fun Fact: I enjoy dabbling in graphic design, often by designing football uniforms or other aspects of athletic aesthetics, in my free time.
Darian Nicholson

FSEM 183 – Darian Nicholson '19

Will be working with Andrew DeFrank '18
Hometown: Aurora, CO
Major: International relations
Minor: Economics
Campus Involvement: Office of Admission Tour Guide, Student Government Association, Greek Life
Fun Fact: I have a birthmark on my leg that looks like a wiener dog.
David Zevallos

FSEM 186 – David Zevallos '18

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
Major: Political science
Campus Involvement: Brothers, Colgate Activities Board
Fun Fact: I am a huge politics junkie. There is nothing that I love more than meeting and talking to political figures.
Ethan Black

FSEM 189 – Ethan Black '18

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Major: Political science and economics
Campus Involvement: Office of Admission, Greek Life, Finance Club, Real Estate Club, Friends First, Student Government Association
Fun Fact: I love to hike and I am spending two weeks on the Pacific Crest Trail this Summer. It's the trail that Reese Witherspoon "hikes" across California in the movie Wild!
Valeria Felix

FSEM 193 – Valeria Felix '18

Hometown: San Diego, CA
Major: Sociology and psychology
Campus Involvement: Orientation Intern, Office of Undergraduate Studies, Spanish Language Debate Society, Office of Admission, Konosioni Senior Honor Society Vice President, Sophomore Residential Seminars
Fun Fact: Became an aunt this summer, Colgate 2038?!
Marc Maggiore

FSEM 199 – Marc Maggiore '18

Hometown: Medford, MA
Major: Political science
Minor: Educational studies
Campus Involvement: Charred Goosebeak, Student Government Association, WRCU, Colgate Smash Club, Colgate Athletics Marketing Office
Fun Fact: When I was a baby I was on the cover of several magazines.
Meredith Nelligan

Transfer Students – Meredith Nelligan '19

Hometown: Standish, ME
Major: Psychology and peace and conflict studies
Minor: Art and art history
Campus Involvement: Friends and Mentors Leader, Neuroscience Lab Research Assistant, Hiking Club
Fun Fact: I'm obsessed with dogs and want to pet all of them and once I was in Nepal and I pet someone's guard dog and it bit me (obviously) and they thought it might have rabies so I was rushed to the hospital.

Links Abroad in Fall 2017

Courtney Gilroy

FSEM 106 – Courtney Gilroy '19

Will be working with Grace Cromwell '19
: Wilton, CT
Major: Political science and economics
Campus Involvement: Varsity Swimming and Diving Team Member, Student Athletic Advisory Committee Vice President, Let's Get Ready Volunteer Math SAT Tutor, Adopt-a-Classroom Volunteer
Fun Fact: I can recite all the lyrics to Hamilton the musical.
Leiya Salis

FSEM 117 – Leiya Salis '19

Will be working with Yimei Lin '20
: Yokohama, Japan 
Minor: Educational studies
Campus Involvement: Yes Means Yes Facilitator, Anti-Racism Coalition Core, Collective Breathing
Fun Fact: Out of all the countries I've visited, Brazil has been the only place where people assumed I was a local...even though I'm not Brazilian!
Maddie Srivastava ’19

FSEM 155 – Maddie Srivastava '19

Will be working with Rohan Chaudhari '19
Wilton, CT
: Mathematics
Minor: Economics
Campus Involvement: Help Restore Hope Certified Crisis Counselor, Math Club, Project Beauty, Elephant Enthusiast
Fun Fact: I've worn my socks inside out since I was 7, and I never match them.
D'Jonita Cottrell

FSEM 166 – D’Jonita Cottrell ’19

Will be working with Dan Miller '19
: Boston, MA
Major: Psychology and educational studies
Campus Involvement: First Generation Initiative, DDT, Greek Life
Fun Fact: I'll be spending my first semester in Philly but can't wait to officially meet my linksters in the spring.
Grace Cummins

FSEM 171 – Grace Cummins '19

Will be working with Enrique Nuñez '19
: Chicago, IL
Major: Political science and spanish
Campus Involvement: Active Minds E-Board, Colgate Activities Board E-Board, Women’s Club Hockey Team
Fun Fact: I will be studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain this fall.