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E-Weekend returns Entrepreneurship

This year's all-star panel at Entrepreneur Weekend featured Jessica Alba, MC Hammer, and more. Last year's panel included Ashton Kutcher and other news-making entrepreneurs.

E-Weekend 2015
Thought Into Action Entrepreneurship Institute
Entrepreneur Professional Network
TIA Student Incubator

Student-athletes Student-athletes

Colgate’s NCAA Graduation Success Rate is 98 percent for a third year in a row, placing Raiders student-athletes fourth nationally in Division I.

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Division I Athletics At Colgate
What Recent Student-Athletes Are Now Doing
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Housing Options Residential Life

Colgate is a residential university with more than 90 percent of students living on campus. The tight-knit communities that emerge from living with your peers allow you to forge lifelong personal relationships.

Photos From First-year Residence Halls
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Mellon Sophomore Residential Seminars
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Study Abroad Experience The World

These students explored Snowdonia National Park in Wales. Where will you take Colgate's globally focused curriculum? Our students head to every corner of the globe via the international and off-campus studies program.

International and Off-Campus Study
Colgate Provides Global Perspective
Student Blog About Research in Ethiopia
Alternative Breaks: Service Learning

Engaging Speakers Engaging Speakers

Colgate has a proud tradition of being host to thought-provoking speakers. On Friday, March 27, Colgate welcomed Whoopi Goldberg to campus. Learn more about some of our recent events.

Global Leaders Lecture Series
Innovation and Disruption
Entrepreneur Weekend

Research Options Research Options

MLK Celebration Diversity on campus

Colgate hosted a wide range of events throughout MLK Week to celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Speakers Reflect On Goals, Hopes, And Dreams of MLK
Keynote Speech By Kori Strother '15
Activist Shares Freedom Summer Stories
ALANA Serves As Key Cultural Center

Powerful Connections Success After Colgate

At Colgate, we consider the success of our alumni, young and old, to be one of our most prominent distinctions. Alumni from the Department of the Classics recently returned to campus to talk about how their majors have propelled them to success in both law school and in their legal careers.

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Success After Colgate Database
Distinguished Alumni
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A Lab In The Canopy The Colgate Scene

Professor Catherine Cardelús conducts her research by climbing 100 feet or more into the jungle canopy. What’s she looking for? Find out in the latest issue of The Colgate Scene.

Catherine Cardelus: A Lab In The Canopy
Sex Talk On Campus: Beyond Yes And No
Vic Walczak ’83 Fights For Civil Liberties
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The Arts The Arts

Colgate fosters the creativity of students on campus, and hosts visiting artists, musicians, filmmakers, theater groups, and other creative professionals.

Exhibitions and events
The Department of Art and Art History
Coming Soon: Center for Art and Culture
DeWitt Godfrey's Odin sculpture

Academic Excellence Strong Academics

Students are challenged by a rich academic program throughout their four years. The core program is an integral part of this liberal arts education.

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Majors And Minors
Interdisciplinary Research
Faculty Spotlights

Visit Colgate Beautiful Campus

Colgate’s 575-acre campus is often called one of the most beautiful in the nation. It serves as a launchpad for students who take advantage of off-campus study groups, foreign language programs, faculty-led research trips, and volunteer missions.

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Alumni Offer Help Career Exploration

The innovative SophoMORE Connections program is just one way the university helps students explore career options.

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Faculty Expertise Faculty Expertise

Colgate faculty members are often consulted in regard to newsworthy topics of the day, and their scholarly work appears in the most-respected academic journals in the world.

Professor Peter Balakian: Renowned Armenian genocide scholar
Balakian's Los Angeles Times Op-ed
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Faculty Videos

Connect with friends at Frank Dining Hall.
SRS students traveled with their class to Austin, TX.
Reading for Histoire de Nègre
Close student-faculty collaboration in the classroom.
Expanding musical talents with Balinese gamelan.
Studying in a sea of hearts.
2016ers: Spencer Serling, Zachary Lazow, Warren Dennis
Using lasers to analyze shell composition.
Therapy dogs help relieve exam stress.
A gorgeous walk onto campus.
Outdoor Education's Basecamp fosters friendships.
Chelsea Mohr '17 captures sunset from Case Library.
A home for artistic expression.