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Valerie Morkevicius

Assistant Professor of Political Science
Political Science, 140 Persson Hall
p 315-228-7964


BA, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1999; MA (2000), PhD (2008), University of Chicago

Teaching Experience

Visiting Assistant Professor, DePaul University, 2008-2010; lecturer, Saint Xavier University, 2006-2008


International relations


Ethics of war, international humanitarian law, religion and international conflict


  • "Hindu Perspectives on Just War" and "Shi'i Perspectives on Just War" (The Prism of Just War: Asian and Western Perspectives on the Legitimate Use of Military Force, Howard Hensel, ed.. (Ashgate Press, 2010)
  • "Ethics of War in Protestant Christianity," World Religions and Norms of War, Greg Reichberg and Vesselin Popovski, eds., United Nations University Press, 2009
  • "Just War: an ethic of restraint or the defense of order?" in Justice and Violence: Political Violence, Pacifism and Cultural Transformation, Allan Eickelmann, Eric Nelson and Tom Lansford, eds., Ashgate Press, 2005

Professional Experience

Research Fellow, Stockdale Center for Ethics and Leadership, United States Naval Academy 2010-2011