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Mark Stern

Assistant Professor of Educational Studies
Educational Studies, 12 Persson Hall
p 315-228-6136


BS, Penn State University, 2002; MA, Teachers College, Columbia University, 2004, PhD, Syracuse University, 2010


Political economy of public education; educational policy; social theory; philosophy and education


Peer-Reviewed Journals
  • Hussain, K. & Stern, M. "Lessons From the 'Pen Alongside the Sword': School Reform Through the Lens of the Radical Black Press," forthcoming in Critical Education.
  • Stern, M. & Hussain, K. "On the Charter Question: Black Marxism & Black Nationalism," forthcoming in Race Ethnicity and Education.
  • Stern, M., Clonan, S., Jaffee, L.*,  & Lee, A.*  "The Normative Limits of Choice: Charter Schools, Disability Studies, and Questions of Inclusion," forthcoming in Educational Policy.
  • Stern. M., & Johnston, D.K.  "'I want to do Teach For America, not become a teacher,'" Critical Education 4.13 (2013); 1-27.
  • Stern, M. "Bad Teacher: What Race to the Top learned from the 'race to the bottom'," Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies 11.3 (2013); 194-229.
  • Stern, M. "Love in a Time of Global Warming," Pre/Text: A Journal of Rhetorical Theory 22.1 (2013); 47-68. 
  • Stern, M. "'We Can't Build Our Dreams On Suspicious Minds': Neoliberalism, Educational Policy, and the Feelings Left Over," Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies 12.5 (2012); 387-400.
  • Stern, M. "Presence, Absence, and the Presently Absent: Ethics and the Pedagogical Possibilities of Photographs,"  Educational Studies 48:2 (2012); 174-198.

*Laura Jaffee '13 was an undergraduate research apprentice while co-authoring this paper.  Anna Lee '11 was working toward her Master of Public of Public Policy in K-12 Education at Vanderbilt's Peabody College of Education and Human Development.  

Book Chapters
  • "The Yid and the Yang: Christina in Search of Her Inner-Mensch."  In Grace Under Pressure: Grey's Anatomy Uncovered, edited by Cynthia Burkhead and Hillary Robson.  Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008.  With Kal Alston.

Other Publications
  • "Is That a Solar Panel in Your Pocket? The Erotics of Environmentalism," InterviewTeacher Writers for a Public Voice (2008); 14-18.

Classes Taught

The American School (EDUC 101)
Education for Peace and Non-Violence (EDUC 210)
Queering Education (EDUC/LGBT 241)
Politics and Education (EDUC 310)
Seminar in Curriculum Theory
Challenges of Modernity (CORE 152)
Social Movements in South Africa--Extended Study (ALST 380)


Situating Relation in Photographic Exposure: Education, Ethics, and the Framing of Violence