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Gunog Seo

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Mathematics, 203 McGregory Hall
p 315-228-7230


MS (2003), PhD (2008), University of Washington; BS, Catholic University of Korea, 1998

Professional Experience

  • Assistant professor (2013-Present), mathematics, Colgate University
  • Postdoctoral researcher (2012-2013), mathematics, Ryerson University and York University
  • Assistant professor (2011-2012), mathematics and statistics, Thompson Rivers University
  • Postdoctoral researcher (2010-2011), mathematics and statistics, McMaster University
  • Postdoctoral researcher (2008-2010), mathematics and statistics, University of Ottawa


Mathematical biology, spatial ecology, population dynamics, dynamical systems, bifurcation theory, differential equations (ODEs & PDEs)


    Gunog Seo and Gail S.K. Wolkowicz, Sensitivity of the dynamics of the general Rosenzweig–MacArthur model to the mathematical form of the functional response: a bifurcation theory approach.
  2. Submitted.
    Gunog Seo and Gail S.K. Wolkowicz, Existence of multiple limit cycles in a predator-prey model with functional response, arctan(ax).
  3. Jian Fang, Kunquan Lan, Gunog Seo and Jianhong Wu (2014) Spatial dynamics of an age-structured population model of Asian Clams. SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, 74(4), 959–979.
  4. Alexandra Erbach, Frithjof Lutscher, and Gunog Seo (2013) Bistability and limit cycles in generalist predator–prey dynamics. Ecological Complexity, 14, 48–55.
  5. Marion Weedermann, Gunog Seo, and Gail S.K. Wolkowicz (2013) Mathematical model of anaerobic digestion in a chemostat: effects of syntrophy and inhibition. Journal of Biological Dynamics, 7 (1), 59–85.
  6. Gunog Seo and Frithjof Lutscher (2011) Spread rates under temporal variability: calculation and application to invasions. M3AS: Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences, 21(12), 2469–2489.
  7. Gunog Seo and Donald L. DeAngelis (2011) A predator–prey model with a Holling type I functional response including a predator mutual interference. Journal of Nonlinear Science, 21(6), 811–833.
  8. Frithjof Lutscher and Gunog Seo (2011) The effect of temporal variability on persistence conditions in rivers. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 283 (1), 53–59.
  9. Gunog Seo and Mark Kot (2009) The dynamics of a simple laissez-faire model with two predators. Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, 6 (1), 145–172.
  10. Gunog Seo and Mark Kot (2008) A comparison of two predator–prey models with Holling’s type I functional response. Mathematical Biosciences, 212 (2), 161–179.


The dynamics of simple predator-prey models with Holling’s functional responses. University of Washington. 2008.


  • Travel Grant, 2015, Colgate University, NY.
  • NSF Grant to collaborate with Canadian researchers, 2014.
  • NSF Travel Grant for the AARMS-CRM workshop on Sustainability of Aquatic Ecosystem Networks held in Fredericton, New Brunswick (October 22-25), 2013.
  • Research Council Discretionary Grant, 2013, Colgate University, NY.