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Danielle Lupton, assistant professor of political science

Danielle Lupton

Assistant Professor of Political Science
Political Science, 122 Persson Hall
p 315-228-7528


Ph.D., Duke University, 2014; M.A., Duke University, 2011; B.A., Furman University, 2008


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles:

Danielle L. Lupton. "Reexamining Reputation for Resolve: Leaders, States, and the Onset of International Crises." Journal of Global Security Studies (forthcoming).

Danielle L. Lupton. 2018. "Signaling Resolve: Leaders, Reputations, and the Importance of Early Interactions." International Interactions 44(1): 59-87.

Danielle L. Lupton. 2017. "Out of the Service, Into the House: Military Experience and Congressional War Oversight," Political Research Quarterly 70(2): 327-339.

Book Chapters:

Danielle L. Lupton and Valerie Morkevicius. "The Fog of War: Violence, Coercion, and Jus ad Vim," in Force Short of War in Modern Conflict: Jus Ad Vim, ed. Jai Galliot (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press). Forthcoming.

Book Reviews:

Danielle L. Lupton. 2017. Review of Frank P. Harvey and John Mitton, Fighting for Credibility: U.S. Reputation and International Politics (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2016). H-DIPLO/ISSF Roundtable Review. Vol. X, No. 3.

Teaching Experience

  • POSC 456 War: Theories and Practices 
  • POSC 390 Silent Warfare: Intelligence Analysis and Statecraft
  • POSC 366 Contemporary American Foreign Policy
  • POSC 232 Fundamentals of International Relations
  • POSC 152 Global Peace and War


International Relations, Security Studies, American Foreign Policy, Civil-Military Relations


International Leaders, Reputations, Resolve and Credibility, Crisis Initiation and Escalation, Political Psychology