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Carolyn Guile

Associate Professor of Art & Art History
Art & Art History, 315 Little Hall
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Carolyn Guile served as lecturer in the Department of English at Princeton University before coming to Colgate to teach Renaissance and Baroque art and architectural history. Her research interests include Central/East-Central European arts and architecture, art criticism and collecting in the 18th century (namely Francesco Algarotti and his Central European activity), early modern architectural theory and art historiography, the "Orient" in early modern Central/East-Central European arts, and the reception of Italianate architecture and architectural theory in East-Central Europe.

Current projects include a study of architecture and arts in the East-Central European borderlands; a translation with commentary of an 18th-century Polish treatise on architecture; and a manuscript on the Polish Jesuit architect, Sebastian Sierakowski's activity as an architectural theorist, practitioner, and restorer of cultural property.

As a recipient of Fulbright IIE, Fulbright-Hayes, and ACLS fellowships, she conducted research in Poland from 1998-2002, and developed her interests in the area of cultural property, including the effects of conflict on the visual and literary arts. In 2009, she curated the exhibition and edited the catalog Reading Space: The Art of Xu Bing at the Colgate's Clifford Gallery as part of the series "A Year of Chinese Art at Colgate." She organized the Institute of Creative and Performing Arts 2011 Forum on the Arts "Form and Content: A Symposium on Cultural Property." Focusing on the built environment, the symposium brought together scholars from a variety of disciplines to consider the ways in which cultural property is inextricably linked to the politics of cultural history and to human rights, shaping traditions, ideologies, and loyalties.

She is exploring the potential and uses of geographic information systems technology in art and architectural history pedagogy and research, most recently at symposia at Purdue University and the École Normale Supérieure, Paris.

She has served as reviews editor for the journal, Eighteenth-Century Studies, since July 2011.

Other affiliations: Center for Arts and Cultural Policy Studies, Princeton University


Ignacy Potocki's 'Remarks on Architecture' and the Polish Enlightenment, Penn State University Press, forthcoming 2015

"Sebastian Sierakowski, S.J. and the Language of Architecture," in Robert Maryks and Jon Wright, eds., Jesuit Survival and Restoration: 200th Anniversary Perspectives, Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2014 (forthcoming)

“Circulations: Early Modern Architecture in the Polish-Lithuanian Borderland" (book chapter under review)

“Johann Michael Fischer,” Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception, Berlin: De Gruyter, GmbH, 2014 (forthcoming)

Review of Stanisław Mossakowski, King Sigismund Chapel at Cracow Cathedral (1515-1533), Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, 73:1, March, 2014 

"Winckelmann in Poland: An Eighteenth-Century Response to the 'History of the Art of Antiquity,'" Journal of Art Historiography 9 (December 2013)

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“Bookends and Endgames in the Art of Xu Bing,” in Reading Space: The Art of Xu Bing, ed. C. Guile, Colgate University, March 2009 

“Art in Eastern Europe: Poland and the Czech Lands”, Encyclopedia of the Renaissance. Vol.2 (New York: Prentice Hall, 2000) 236-41.


BA, University of California, Berkeley; MA, PhD, Princeton University

Teaching Experience

  • CORE151 - Legacies of the Ancient World
  • ARTS102 - Survey of Western Art: Rebirth of Classical Antiquity to Revolution
  • ARTS105 - Introduction to Architecture
  • ARTS216 - Southern European Renaissance Art
  • ARTS226 - Baroque Arts
  • ARTS220 - Early Modern European Architecture
  • ARTS360 - Borderlands: Art and Architecture of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
  • ARTS482 - Razing the Stakes: Cultural Property in the Early Modern Era
  • ARTS482 - Seminar in Renaissance Art: Caravaggio
  • ARTS482 - Jesuit Arts and Architecture


  • Member, Institute of Creative and Performing Arts Steering Committee, Colgate University (2008-11)
  • Affiliate, Society of Architectural Historians
  • Affiliate, College Art Association
  • Affiliate, Renaissance Society of America
  • Affiliate, American Society of Eighteenth-Century Studies
  • Affiliate, Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies
  • Affiliate, Historians of Eighteenth-Century Art and Architecture
  • Affiliate, East-Central American Society of Eighteenth-Century Studies