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Carolina Castilla

Carolina Castilla

Associate Professor of Economics
Economics, 224 Persson Hall
p 315-228-7541

Office Hours

Wednesdays 4:00 - 5:30 pm (starting January 24th)
Fridays 12:30 - 2:00 pm 

Courses (Spring 2018)

Econ 375: Applied Econometrics
Econ 251: Intermediate Microeconomics

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BS, MS, Universidad de las Americas, Puebla 2003, 2006; PhD, The Ohio State University, 2011

Teaching Interests

Microeconomics, behavioral economics, econometrics, development economics, gender economics

Research Interests

Intra-household decision-making, development economics, behavioral economics
Learn more about my research here.


  1.  Castilla, Carolina. (forthcoming) "Political Role Models and Child Marriage in India." Review of Development Economics Previously Circulated as: Political Role Models, Child Marriage, and Women’s Autonomy over Marriage in India. UNU-WIDER Working Paper 121/2017
  2. Castilla, Carolina. 2015 “Trust and Reciprocity between Spouses in India.” American Economic Review: P&P, 105 (5): 621 - 24. 
  3. Castilla, Carolina (with Timothy Haab). 2015. “Asymmetric Search and Prospect Theory: Choice Experiment on Consumer Willingness to Search in the Gasoline Retail Market.” Applied Economics, Vol. 47 (8): 756 – 778.
  4. Castilla, Carolina (with Conor Coughlin, undergraduate student). 2014. “The Effect of Private High School Education on the College Trajectory.” Economics Letters. Vol. 125 (2): 200–203.
  5. Castilla, Carolina. 2014. “Field Experiment in a Course on Behavioral Economics: Nudging Students Around Campus.” Journal of Economic Education, 45 (3): 211-224.
  6. Castilla, Carolina (with Thomas Walker). 2013. “Is Ignorance Bliss? Gender Differences in the Effect of Asymmetric Information on Intra-Household Allocation.” American Economic Review: P&P, 103 (3): 263-268.
  7. Castilla, Carolina (with Timothy Haab). 2013. “Limited Attention to Search Costs in the Gasoline Retail Market: Evidence from a Choice Experiment on Consumer Willingness to Search.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 95 (1): 181-199.
  8. Castilla, Carolina. 2012. “Subjective Well-being and Reference Dependence: Insights from Mexico.” Journal of Economic Inequality, 10 (2): 219 - 238. Previously Circulated as: “Subjective Poverty and Reference Dependence: Income over Time, Aspirations and Reference Groups.” UNU-WIDER Working Paper 2010/76. 
  9. Castilla, Carolina. (with Mariano Rojas). 2010. “Crisis Bancarias y Comportamiento Estrategico: Un Enfoque a Nivel Banco”. Administracion de Riesgos: Banca, mercados, empresa y modelos financieros. (Editor-reviewed article) Universidad Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM): 81 - 111

Working Papers

  • What’s Yours is Mine, and What’s Mine is Mine: Bargaining Power and Income Concealing between Spouses in India [revision requested]
  • Impact of Ethiopia’s PSNP on household dietary diversity and child nutrition in rural Ethiopia (with Tagel Gebrehiwot), [revision requested]
  • Gender Differences in Intra-Household Efficiency: Evidence from an Investment Game between Spouses in India [under review]
  • Inefficient Intra-Household Allocation under Asymmetric Information in Ghana (with Thomas Walker), [under review]
  • A Participatory Method for Mapping Small Agricultural Plots with High Resolution Imagery (with Yuta Masuda, Jon Fisher, Wei Zhang, and Genowefa Blundo), [under review]
  • Spousal Communication and Intra-Household Allocation in Kenya (with Yuta Masuda and Wei Zhang)
  • Ties that Bind: The Kin System as a Mechanism of Income-Hiding between Spouses in Rural Ghana. UNU-WIDER Working Paper 2013/007.
  • Show me the Money: Intra-Household Allocation under Incomplete Information

Research with Undergraduate Students:

  • The Effect of MGNREGA on Consumption Smoothing of Rural Households in India (with Ahmad Emad)
  • Taxes and Discounts: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Massachusetts  (with Ian Ettinger)

Old Papers:

  • Castilla, Carolina. 2008. “Heteroskedasticity in Fixed-Effects One-way Error Component Models: Evaluating the Performance of Standard Tests ” 

Work in Progress:

  • Team Work and Cooperative Behavior (with Takao Kato)
  • Field Experiments on Common Goods in Kenya (with Yuta Masuda and Wei Zhang)
  • Contrasting Preferences for Trust and Reciprocity between Spouses in Ethiopia (with Marc Bellemare and Chris Paul)
  • Bargaining between Adult Children and their parents (with Tammy MacGavok)
  • Endogenous Household formation in response to Systemic Shocks (with Benjamin Anderson)


Fellowships, Honors, and Awards

  •  Mentor in the project “Structural Transformation of African Agriculture and Rural Spaces (STAARS)” (invited), 2016
  • Included in list of most influential people at Colgate University by graduating class, 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Torch Medal Recipient “In recognition of the positive impact and personal influence on a graduating member of the senior class" (4), 2014
  • Outstanding Dissertation Award, AEDE Department, The Ohio State University 2012
  • DeVries Memorial Fund Award 2010
  • Edward J. Ray Travel Award 2010
  • Honorable Mention to a Research Manuscript by a Second-Year PhD Student, 2008.


  •  Summer Research Grant, Colgate University (Faculty Sponsor, Ian Ettinger (PI)) June, 2015 – August, 2015
  • Summer Research Grant, Colgate University (Faculty Sponsor, Elizabeth Mahoney (PI)) June, 2013 – August, 2013
  • Major Grant, Colgate University (PI) June, 2013 – August 2014 
  • Summer Research Apprenticeship Funding, Colgate University (PI) June, 2012 – August, 2012 
  • Major Grant, Colgate University (PI) June, 2012 – June, 2013 
  • Alumni Grant for Graduate Research and Scholarship. (PI) July, 2010 – July, 2011