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Finding Success After Colgate Professional Connections

Challenging academics, highly engaged alumni, and an irrepressible spirit all drive Colgate students to successful careers.

Internships Are Valuable Opportunities For Students
SophoMORE Connections Program
Career Services for Students
What Alumni Do Now
Learning by Doing
The university's Thought Into Action Entrepreneur Institute coordinates entrepreneurial programming and mentorship across campus. The connection between ambitious students and experienced alumni mentors is one of Colgate's critical advantages.

A Competitive Spirit Division I

Student-athletes at Colgate find great success both in the classroom and on the court.

Stellar Graduation Rate
Ward, #22, Receives Watson Fellowship
Raiders Sports
New Facility Approved

Sustainability Is In Our DNA Going Green

Students, faculty, and staff fully embrace environmental initiatives, many of which are tied directly to academic courses.

Sustainability Program
How Students Can Get Involved
Colgate Targets Carbon Neutrality for Campus
Environmental Studies Program

Sharing New Knowledge Intellectual Engagement

Professors value student opinions and involve them in their scholarship through deep discussions and hands-on research projects that bring their knowledge to life.

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Distinctly Colgate

What is distinctly Colgate? It’s being engaged in intellectual pursuit with a global perspective, a focus on sustainability, and an entrepreneurial spirit that together intersect to uniquely prepare you for a successful life after college.
Case Library and Geyer Center for Information Technology
How does Colgate stand out from its peers? First-class teaching is the heart of our university, but it’s the infusion of life-changing opportunities into a robust academic atmosphere that makes us unique.

Intellectual Engagement

Our students are curious and active, so the learning landscape must be dynamic. The core curriculum explores timeless questions and what it means to be an intellectual. Professors value student opinions and involve them in their scholarship through deep discussions and hands-on research projects.

Global Perspective

Students broaden their perspectives through faculty-led extended and off-campus study courses, field research, and humanitarian projects across the country and around the globe. Renowned leaders, scholars, and creative artists visit our campus throughout the year to teach, provoke, entertain, and inspire.


Colgate is hailed as one of the most sustainable campuses in the country and our ambitions include becoming carbon-neutral for our 2019 bicentennial. Students, faculty, and staff fully embrace our environmental initiatives, many of which are tied directly to academic courses. 

Success After Colgate

Name any field of endeavor and you will find Colgate graduates at the pinnacle of their professions. A world-class liberal arts education and true-to-life experiences open doors to great graduate schools, businesses, and not-for-profits. And highly engaged alumni help young graduates attain their own ambitions.

Division I Athletics

Colgate is an arena for serious and competitive scholar-athletes who play in 25 Division I sports and achieve the highest graduation rates in the nation. But all students have access to great facilities, clubs, and intramural options, many of which compete at the national level.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Students test the practicality of newly gained knowledge, turning their passions into clubs, not-for-profits, and even commercial enterprises. Colgate’s Thought into Action Institute pairs successful alumni entrepreneurs with students who can’t wait until graduation to try their hand at a start-up.