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Consultant Profiles

Iris Chen '17
I am a senior majoring in music and English with an emphasis on creative writing. Because of my academic interests, my writing focuses mostly on argumentative and analytic papers. I also have experience writing research papers in both social science and natural science. From argument development to detailed analysis, I am open to all kinds of questions in all stages of writing. My ultimate goal, after all, is to give you a helping hand on your way of becoming a better writer, and to help you enjoy the writing process as much as possible!
Federico Elizondo '17
I am a senior with a double major in psychology and sociology. I am very passionate about multi- and interdisciplinary education, so I look forward to working with students from all fields. Whether it be with outlines, drafts, final papers, or rewrites, I am always willing to offer a helpful hand to you at any point of your writing process.
Kasey Halsey '18
Hi! I am a junior from New York City majoring in biochemistry. I have experience writing analytical papers as well as laboratory reports for the natural sciences. With that being said, I am open to assisting students reach their writing goals regardless of the subject of their paper. I encourage you to come at whatever stage of the writing process you find yourself in. Even if you may only have an introduction or a few ideas, be proactive and make an appointment! Writing is dynamic and new assignments can be taken on from many different angles, so let’s help each other out by exploring the different possibilities.
Hyeon Jeong '18
I am a junior from Cape Town, South Africa. I am majoring in mathematical economics and planning to minor in philosophy, but my academic interests also include other social sciences and languages. In addition to working in the Writing Center, I am a Senator on campus. I love working with students and I love writing, so I would be happy to see you at any stage of your writing process. Please come to me with any kind of paper as I am always eager to learn about new topics. I hope to see you soon!
Mason Jones '18
I am junior majoring in English and sociology. While I most familiar with literary analysis, I look forward to working with a variety of formats and subjects. I particularly enjoy developing and structuring analytical arguments around thesis statements. I am happy to help refine an essay’s structure at any stage of the writing process.
Sage Krombolz '18
I am a junior majoring in philosophy and minoring in writing and rhetoric. In addition to being a writing center consultant, I am involved in SGA and the Club Tennis team. I love to read not only philosophy papers, but papers from all disciplines as well. I am energized by meeting new people and by talking about writing assignments, so I look forward to meeting you!
Steven Nave '17
I am a senior major in German with a minor in linguistics. I feel confident writing about classicsfilm, and psychology. Beyond that, I'm interested in neuroscienceEuropean and Eurasian studies, and cultural theory.
Alex Pustelnyk '17
I am a senior from Austin, Texas majoring in philosophy and minoring in geography. I have a special passion for public speaking, and have competed on numerous regional and national debate circuits. I believe that the key to successful public speaking is confidence in one’s message, knowledge, and style. Whether you need assistance overcoming speaking anxiety, organizing presentations, or simply practicing your craft, I would love to help you achieve your goals as a successful public speaker.
Emily Rooney '17
I am a senior majoring in educational studies and English, but I have taken classes all over the board at Colgate. I have the most experience with analytic papers in the social sciences and humanities, but my classes in creative writing and educational studies have also given me practice with unconventional prompts. I would love to work with you on deciphering prompts, brainstorming ideas, and structuring your paper. However, feel free to come to me at any stage in the writing process.
Zoe Smith '17
I am a senior sociology major from St. Louis, Missouri with a special interest in Arabic and Middle Eastern and Islamic studies. In addition to working in the Writing Center, I work as a Link and am involved in the club Sidekicks. Writing is one of my favorite activities and I look forward to helping you with any aspect of your assignment!
Marissa Yuen '17
I’m a senior from Honolulu, Hawaii. Although I’m majoring in English with an emphasis in creative writing, I love to work on assignments in any and all disciplines. When I’m not in the Writing and Speaking Center, you can find me supporting our Colgate Raiders as a member of the cheerleading squad. I look forward to helping you in any way I can!