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Gretchen Hoadley Burke '81 Endowed Chair for Regional Studies

The Burke Chair is an annual appointment that supports outstanding teaching and research on the Upstate New York region.
The appointment is for both Colgate faculty and leading scholars in and/or on the Upstate New York region. The Burke Chair teaches two courses during his or her appointment and provides lectures open to the campus and the community. Established in 2006 by Stephen Burke '80 and Gretchen Hoadley Burke '81, this chair is supported by an endowment fund created to support and recognize outstanding scholars whose research interests focus on Upstate New York.

Current Chair

Randy Fuller, Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies, has been named the Gretchen Hoadley Burke ’81 Endowed Chair in Regional Studies, for one year, beginning July 1, 2015. Dr. Fuller has a PhD from the University of Toronto, and degrees from North Texas State University and Michigan State University. He teaches freshwater ecology, invertebrate zoology and environmental science at Colgate, and leads students out in the field in many of his courses to demonstrate how to quantify animal and plant communities. 

As Burke Chair, Fuller is teaching an FSEM course on acid rain in the Adirondack Mountains and is giving four talks as part of the Environmental Studies Brown Bag series on campus. He organized a special session entitled: "Acid Deposition: 25 Years After The Clean Air Act Amendments" at the Society for Freshwater Science Meetings in Milwaukee, WI in May of 2015, and presented a paper entitled "Impacts of lime amendments on leaf decomposition and nutrient uptake dynamics in acid-stressed Adirondack Mountain streams" at the Acid Rain 2015 International Meetings held in Rochester, NY in October 2015.  

This summer, two Colgate students worked with Fuller on leaf decomposition and nutrient uptake studies in Adirondack Mountain streams, and Fuller
 will be going to Sacramento, CA in May 2016 to attend the Society for Freshwater Science meetings and to present this research.

Past Chairs

Dr. Wyatt Galusky
Associate Professor of Humanities at Morrisville State College. Read More

Christopher Henke
Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, Colgate University. READ MORE

Dr. Judith Wellman
Professor Emerita at State University of New York at Oswego and Principal Investigator at Historical New York Research Associates. READ MORE

Nicole Simpson
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Faculty Research Funding

Beyond the Burke Chair, we seek to encourage faculty scholarship on, or directly pertaining to, the upstate region of New York by providing support for both the costs of research as well as a stipend award for the Colgate faculty investigator. READ MORE


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