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Clubs Sports Forms and Documentation

As an officer of your club sports team, you are responsible for submitting the necessary forms and documentation to the recreational sports office.

Director of Recreation

Christina (Amato) Turner

Contact for: Club Recognition and Startup, Funding and Purchasing needs

Rec Sports Office

Julie Vair
Phone: 315-228-7613
102 Huntington Gym
Mon – Fri, 10 – 6 p.m.

Contact for General Club Business, Facility Reservations and Travel Needs

Extracurricular PE Credit

Students who participate in a Colgate approved Club Sport, SGA Dance Club, SOMAC, EMT Training Program, and Hamilton Fire Department may apply for PE Credit.
Only 1 credit per club is eligible for the PE requirement.

1.  Register Online through the PHED Registration (available 8/31) for your Club at the beginning of your participation.CLUB PE LOG IN
2.  Log Participation hours after each club activity session 

  • Hours may only be logged after a student has registered for this program.
  • All PE Log ins Must be within 48 hours of Club Activity to be valid.
  • All activity hours logged by a club member will be verified by the Chair of Physical Education with the club's practice schedule and event schedule.
  • Credits will be submitted to the Registrar at the end of the semester, once 30 hours is reached.  Students have 1 academic year to reach the required 30 hours.
  • Students may get updates on their completed hours by contacting
  • Violations of this process and/or falsely logging hours are a direct violation of the Academic Honor Code.

Resources for Officers

Learn the processes and procedures for running a club.
To streamline communications Club Leaders will need to maintain information within their Club's Google Drive and, in addition to the individual paperwork.


Club Forms

We have created a variety of forms that will be used for communications between club leaders and Rec Sports.   We need leaders to review the various forms and submit them in a timely manner. Forms are provided (below) or:
1. Shared Drive Folder must be downloaded, edited and e-mailed to Rec Sports.

2. Club Specific Google Drive Folder:  files will stay here for collaborative use between club leaders and Rec Sports utilizing the e-mail collaborators feature to send notice of updates. These forms will be kept from year to year in the Archive Folder.   Clubs are encouraged to add in any of their own specific documents for club management.  Access to the Club Folder will be shared with club leaders at the start of each new academic year. You may also share this folder with the other leaders in your club – especially as you transition to new leaders.

Club Documentation In Google Drive Folder – Each club has a folder containing some documents that you will update throughout the year. You are encouraged to add your own club specific information such as Spreadsheets for collecting dues and other funds from members. You may also share this folder with the other leaders in your club – especially as you transition to new leaders.
  • Basic Club Information:  Club Specific details that need to pass from leaders one year to the next.
  • Club Dues & Fees:  Create customized spreadsheets to track member payments and Club Spending.
  • Club Sports Game\ Event Scheduling:  Track Game information, Facilities & Van Request and First Responder requests.   This is a collaborative Document between Club Leadership and Rec Sports.  It should be used for all communications and updates throughout the sports season.
  • Event Summary Report*:  Communicate how your club is doing within 48 hours of each game\event.
  • End of Semester Summary Report*: Details about how you are doing.
    Due after weekend games and each semester by December 1 and May 1.
*Mandatory Form, Strikes may apply if not completed by deadlines

Recognition Renewal for Your Club Sport

Required annually for all Club Sports to be recognized by, and receive funding from the university.  Forms are e-mailed to club leaders each spring and must be completed and returned by posted deadline to ensure club continuity.

Required Player Forms

All club members need to register on prior to participation with any club team.  Players will be automatically prompted to fill out required paperwork (Risk Waiver and Physical History Forms.  

Players under 18 years need to have their parents return the following waiver to the Rec Sports Office:  Risk Form (individual): 

Financial Forms

Purchases:  All purchases must be pre-approved.  Email all information to the Director of Recreation ( Club Equipment & Uniforms.  Include:  Reason for Purchase, Company Info, Quotes, Product Web Links, Team vs Personal Use, other relevant info.  Personal items may be purchased through the club if funds are collected and turned into Rec Sports.  Use the Deposit Form to specify information.

Deposit Form: Submit with all funds for deposit to the Rec Sports office.  Keep tracking information in the Club's Google Drive.

Officials Payment: Return promptly to Rec Sports office. Use a W-9 Form for Adult officials. Students will need to be registered with the Rec Sports Office in order for payroll to be processed.

Cash Advances Requests: E-mail 5 days prior to both and You will pick a disbursement voucher from Rec Sports that you will need to take to the Cashier in Accounting (JB Colgate Basement T-F 10 - 12 & 1 - 4). 
Advances done 2 weeks in advance can be done by direct deposit (recommended for amounts over $350).

All cash advances need to be closed out within 48 hours of return to campus (returning to Rec Sports all receipt, change, Cash Distribution form totaling the exact amount of the cash advance).  Clubs can not get another advance until the previous one is rectified with Accounting.  Use Store receipts and\ or these forms to account for your advance:

Reimbursements are submitted using the Request Form, provide with receipts within 10 Days of purchase.  There are a few methods for mileage reimbursements, feel free to check with Rec Sports for the best method for your club.

Game and Travel Forms

Plan ahead! Submit before Thursday Noon for the weekend. 

Forms in Your Club's Google Drive Folder:

Club Sports Game\ Event Scheduling:  Use for Game Planning Facilities & Van Reservations and First Response Scheduling. Update throughout your season.
Event Summary Report:  Let us know how you’re doing after each game\event. (Due within 48 hours of event or return to campus).

Forms below are also stored in one shared google drive folder, you will need to download them prior to editing & emailing.

Request Form  use for Hotels, Misc., and Financial requests.
- Game Check List for Home and Away games
Trip Itinerary: Required each time your club leaves Colgate. Due Wednesday prior to Travel.
Personal Car Use Form: Required from owner of cars used for club travel prior to leaving Colgate.


Van Reservations will be requested to B&G by Rec Sports once you fill out the information the Club Sports Game\ Event Scheduling in your Club's Google Drive and email collaborators to Rec Sports (jvair).

We recommend Clubs have multiple drivers. Trips over 4 hours require 2 drivers. Club members must have valid van license to use Colgate Vans, which are very limited, request as soon as you schedule games \ events. Campus Safety issues students van licenses after completion of an online test, background check and driving test, note that this process takes 2 – 5 weeks.   The Driver Authorization Form should be taken to campus safety after you complete the online portion.

First Responders & Injuries

First Responders should be present for all home games.   FR's will be requested by Rec Sports once you fill out the information the Club Sports Game\ Event Scheduling in your Club's Google Drive and email collaborators to Rec Sports (jvair).   It is important that updates/ cancellations are communicated to Rec Sports in a timely manner.

If you need coverage from Athletic Trainers (if your club budget allows) or practices, please contact Rec Sports.

Med Kits \ Ice are available for club sign out from the Huntington Equipment Room.

Injuries:  Let us know when players are injured.   Captains Should text\ email the Director of Recreation ASAP and ensure that the injured person receives appropriate care by First Responders or by Calling Campus Safety (315-228-7911).

Facility Use

Facilities will be requested by Rec Sports once you fill out the information the Club Sports Game\ Event Scheduling in your Club's Google Drive and email collaborators to Rec Sports (jvair).  

Schedules may be viewed on the campus EMS system.  Use the Browse Events Option and select your Facility under the Filter Link.

Teams should be familiar with facility use guidelines for both Sanford Field House  and Tyler Field.