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Club Sports

Club sports provide a competitive, non-varsity outlet for our student-athletes and recreational fun for all students.
Clubs are headed by student officers and most are self coached.

IMLeagues is the management program for club and intramural sports. Sign up and create your profile today, so you can join club and intramural teams. Once registered, download the REC*IT mobile app available at

Physical Education Credit

Club sports members can register online for PE Credit (Begins 1st day of classes). Students may earn only 1 credit per club toward satisfying the PE requirement. LEARN MORE

A PE credit requires 30+ hours of participation during one academic year. Hours must be posted within 48 hours of the club activity to be valid, and will be verified before credit is earned.



Violations of this process and/or falsely logging hours are a direct violation of the Academic Honor Code.

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Forms and Resources

Club sports are a terrific athletic outlet for students. To ensure that they operate effectively and safely, club presidents and officers must ensure that the necessary information is submitted to the recreational sports office. READ MORE

Start a New Club

Students interested in starting a new club sport may submit a proposal to the Director of Recreation ( during the first two weeks of each semester and the last two weeks of each semester. You will need the following documents:

Available Club Teams

ALL-SPORTS CALENDARThe university subsidizes all club sports, but some may still require membership dues from individual members in order to cover anticipated expenses. Depending on the Sports there are either are gender-specific or "co-ed", clubs available.


Practice: Sunday Afternoons

This club is instructionally focused, meets regularly in Huntington Gym and provides an opportunity for students to come together for informal play. The club is looking to play area Colleges.

Club Baseball at Cooperstowns' Double Day Field


Practice: Daily in the fall and spring

The Colgate Baseball Club competes in both the fall and spring, but the majority of its schedule takes place during the fall due to the more favorable weather. Games are generally scheduled as Sunday double-headers against other area colleges and club teams.

Women's club basketball player with the ball

Basketball (Women)

Practice: November - March

This club provides a place for women to play more competitive basketball than is available within the intramural program. The club is comprised largely of former high school varsity players. The club is developing a competitive game schedule with other club teams in the area.



A new club on campus, everyone is welcomed. Students will bowl on the Reid Center Lanes.


-John Post '18:
-Dylann McLaughlin '18:


Cricket is a game played by two teams of eleven players on a pitch with two wickets placed 22 yards apart. Each team bats in turn with the objective of the batting team to make runs, while the bowling and fielding side tries to dismiss the batsmen. The winning team is the one that scores the most runs. The club practices and schedules matches year-round.

Colgate Curling nationals 201616


Practice: Sunday Nights at Utica Curling Club

This club is open to novice and experienced curlers alike. The club exposes interested students to this exciting sport allows them to explore the world of competitive bonspiels (tournaments). The club meets once or twice a week at the world-class Utica Curling Club facilities in nearby Utica – site of the 2003 U.S. National Curling Championships. The club also travels to regional and national competitions.



Practice: Daily rides

The cycling club provides an opportunity for students with varying skill levels in cycling to gather and explore the region together on their bicycles on a regular basis. Members who wish to compete will represent Colgate at a few races in the fall and spring.

Student jumping an obstacle on horseback with the equestrian club


Practice: Weekly lessons

The Colgate Equestrian Club has both English and Western components. Both compete within the New York Division of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. Opponents include Skidmore, Cornell, Morrisville, Cobleskill, Oswego, Hartwick, Ithaca, and Syracuse. Most league schools host a show during the season with riders vying for not only team placement, but also for individual points in order to qualify for Regional, Zone, and National competitions following league competition. The club trains at Saddleback Farm at 3055 Lake Moraine Road, Hamilton and is coached by Anna Hackney (Hunt Seat) and Valerie Logsdon (Western).

Contacts (English Team): Contacts (Western Team)
Students fencing on the Quad


The club is primarily instructionally focused, and novices are welcomed. As members become more proficient there may be opportunities to arrange outside competitive opportunities. All equipment is provided, including electronic scoring equipment.


Field Hockey

Practice: Twice weekly in the fall

Comprised largely of former high school varsity players, this club provides an opportunity for you to have fun with the game while engaging in some spirited competition with members of the NYS Club Field Hockey League.


Figure Skating

Practice: 2 - 3 times per week, October - February

The Figure Skating Club is open to skaters of all abilities. Although the club largely provides structured ice time for students wanting to practice on their own, several skaters compete in collegiate competitions.

The club also sponsors a "Learn to Skate" program for children in the local community. The program allows club members to give something back to their sport and community, and also serves as a fundraising opportunity for the club.

Colgate figure skaters have also competed as a synchronized skating team since the fall of 2010. They preformed well in their first competition at the Eastern Synchronized Sectional Championships in the Open Collegiate division. Their first performance placed fifth out of 11 schools. In 2014 the team placed 1st at the NY State Games in Lake Placid.


Golfers walk past the Ho Science Center towards Seven Oaks.


Practice: The club practices at Colgate's Seven Oaks Golf Course.

This club is developing a foundation for competitive tournaments.


Ice Hockey

The men’s and women’s ice hockey clubs offer an opportunity for those with competitive hockey skills to compete against other area and regional college club teams. The men’s club plays an independent regional schedule, while the women’s club competes in the Northeast Women’s Collegiate Hockey Association.

Contact (Men):
Contact (Women):
Close-up shot of a student climbing at the Angert Family climbing wall

Indoor Rock Climbing Club

This is a new club for students to get together at the Angert Climbing Wall. As a new club, it is actively seeking new members of all skill levels to join and train to become a competitive climbing team.


Juggling Colgate Juggles

Practice: Twice weekly

Open to novice and experienced jugglers, this eclectic group gets together once a week to share knowledge, show off new tricks and prepare for periodic juggle fests and public demonstrations.

YouTube Video

Faculty Adviser  


Practice: Weekly in the fall and spring

Located in one of the nation’s hotbeds of high school and collegiate lacrosse, Colgate has numerous students who have played the game at the high school level and desire a competitive outlet in college other than at the varsity level. Both men’s and women’s clubs function year-round with a limited fall schedule and additional contests in the spring.

Contact (Men): Contact (Women):
Student and teacher practicing Aikido

Martial Arts - Aikido

Practice: Mon and Thurs, 8:00-10:00 p.m.

World peace. That’s a worthy ideal. Violence happens. That’s a sad reality. The study and practice of aikido can help to reconcile ideals and realities such as those. We learn a nonviolent art of self-defense, the principles and techniques that make it effective, and applications to our everyday lives. Seidokan Aikido is a style that is sincere, earnest, and realistic. We learn to blend with force, rather than oppose it. We practice non-injurious defensive strategies with no kicks, punches, or strikes, yet we strive to control contentious situations with skill and confidence.

Aikido training includes stretching and warm-up exercises, ways to unify mind and body, and how to meditate. Relaxation is a cornerstone concept, yet we sometimes work out vigorously. Bilateral coordination is enhanced. Because aikido is partly based on kenjutsu, the art of swordsmanship, we learn katas (forms) using wooden swords and staffs. We learn to use those, or disarm others of such weapons, in self-defense. Aikido is a way of life through harmony with nature---natural forces within and around us.

Aikido Club Web Site


Martial Arts - American Karate

A student executing a flying kick against a training pad while practicing Tae Kwon Do
Practice: Tues and Thurs, 6:00-8:00 p.m.

The Karate style taught in this program is a kicking and punching system that incorporates the use of locks and control techniques. American Karate is a blend of traditional Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Jujitsu. We study self-defense, sparring, weapons training, flexibility exercise, breathing techniques, and body and mental awareness.
We are affiliated through our instructor with the international Zen Do Kai organization. Students serve as instructors, working side by side with other students and community residents. We encourage members to participate in regular rank promotions as well as numerous local tournaments. Other club activities include home competitions, self-defense seminars, and demonstrations. We encourage students of all levels and styles to join.


Ping Pong \ Table Tennis

Practice: Friday and Sunday afternoons

The club provides an opportunity for students with a love of the sport to get together for some spirited competitive and instructional sessions up to three times a week. The more experienced players have an opportunity to schedule competitions with other nearby college club teams.



Practice: Four times weekly in the fall (15's) and spring (7's) on Colgate's rugby pitch

The men’s and women’s rugby clubs have a strong tradition at Colgate and both compete at the top of their leagues.  The formal league schedule takes place in the fall, and we participate in 7's matches in the spring. Matches are generally scheduled on Saturdays during the competitive season. The clubs have benefited by traveling to Ireland and the UK to train with the European clubs during past spring breaks. Outside professional coach work closely with the teams throughout the season.

The rugby pitch is located on Academy Fields between Oak Dr. and E. Kendrick Ave.
Team information online at  and Contacts (Men):Colgate Rugby Contacts (Women):Coach - Jaimie Sullivan
W Rugby at Nationals


Practice: Daily runs

The running club provides an opportunity to get together with other like-minded students who are looking for running companions.


SailingSailing Club

Practice: Daily practices\races in fall, limited spring competitions

This club competes under the umbrella of the Middle Atlantic Intercollegiate Sailing Association and sails against highly competitive programs from Navy, SUNY Maritime, Kings Point, Cornell and Hobart. The club’s fleet of eight Johnson FJs is housed at nearby Willow Bank Yacht Club located on Cazenovia Lake (approximately one half hour from campus). Although the bulk of the competitive season takes place in the fall of the year, some limited competition is scheduled for the spring.

The alpine ski team posing in their ski gear.

Ski Racing (Alpine)

Practice: Tues and Thurs nights during January and February.

The ski racing club is highly competitive and competes within the Mideast Region of the United States Collegiate Ski Association. During the season the club trains at nearby Toggenburg Ski Area (about a 35 minute drive from campus). Following league competition, the top finishing teams qualify for Regionals. The top two teams at Regionals qualify for Nationals. The club employs professional coaches who works closely with the team throughout the season.

Two soccer players pursuing a soccer ball on a sunny fall day


Practice: Three practices per week in both the fall and the spring

The club men’s and women’s soccer teams actively practice and compete during the fall semester, and participate in limited play in the spring. Most players have played in high school and are looking for a competitive experience a bit above what we offer through intramural play. Club soccer fields are located behind Andy Kerr Stadium on College Street.

Contacts (Men):
Contacts (Women):
A student returning a volley while playing squash as his opponent observes in the background


Practice: 2-3 practices per week; competition from November through March

The Colgate men’s and women’s squash clubs are members of the Intercollegiate Squash Rackets Association and mostly compete against varsity programs. Following the dual match season, the teams take part in their respective national championship tournaments. Regular opponents include Tufts, Cornell, Smith, Hamilton, Hobart, Columbia, Rochester, Williams, Skidmore, and Bard. Prospective players should have played in high school; however, this is not an absolute requirement. Rosters number approximately fifteen players, with the top ten traveling to competition.

Contact (Men):
Contacts (Women):


Practice: Daily workouts

The members train together in the pool and other workouts. Workouts are geared toward members abilities.  

Tennis player lines up to return a volley while playing in Sanford Field House


Practice: 2-3 practices per week

The tennis club is a coeducational team of tennis enthusiasts who meet in Sanford Field House several times per week for the purpose of engaging in some informal competitive tennis. The club competes against area colleges each semester.



Practice: Daily workouts

The Colgate Triathlon Club strives to unite existing student triathletes and to provide support and advice to students who wish to compete in triathlons. All students with an interest in cycling, swimming, and running with their peers, whether they are experienced or novices, are eligible for membership in the Colgate Triathlon Club. Any individuals who want to challenge themselves are free to participate in club activities and workouts. Competition between members is not the goal — the goal is for students to compete only with themselves.

An ultimate frisbee player makes a leaping catch of a throw that has floated just above the fingertips of a defender.

Ultimate Frisbee

Practice: 2-4 practices per week

There is both a men's team and a women's team. Each is made up of students who are extremely dedicated to the spirit of Ultimate Frisbee, and the fun of competitive play. The club is active all year and travels to several intercollegiate invitational tournaments.

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Contacts (Men): Contacts (Women):
A volleyball player jumping and reaching to spike the ball


Practice: Weekday Afternoons

The men’s and women’s volleyball clubs schedule individual matches and open tournaments throughout the year.

Contacts (Men): Contacts (Women):
A water polo player winds up to take a shot on goal as the goalie leaps to block the shot

Water Polo

Practice: 2-4 days per week

The men’s and women’s teams are highly competitive members of the Collegiate Water Polo Association, New York Division. The men’s competitive schedule takes place in the fall semester and the women’s is in the spring. Both clubs host a tournament as part of their respective formal schedules. Each team holds practices in Lineberry Natatorium during the competitive season.

Contacts (Men): Contacts (Women):