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Physical Education

Colgate's recognition of the importance of personal wellness and physical fitness is fostered through its required physical education program.
A variety of unique classes can satisfy the PE requirement.
The Department of Physical Education offers a variety of programs and courses that directly reflect Colgate’s commitment to every student’s physical, social, mental and environmental well-being.

We take a holistic approach to curriculum development, collaboration with offices and departments across campus. Students may participate in a variety of programs and courses that include varsity and club level athletics, dance, outdoor education, volunteerism and five-week courses in health, fitness, positive sexuality, stress management, and more.


Two (2) PHED units or credits of class or activity as specified are required. Students are strongly encourages to complete the requirement by the end of sophomore year. Students are welcome to take courses for their own enrichment after their requirement is reached. Courses are available through the standard 5-week PHED program and the Outdoor Education PHED courses.

More detailed information about the Physical Education Program is available in the Physical Education Handbook. PHED Course Descriptions are online.


Outdoor Education

Offerings that will develop your sense of place, leadership, and adventure in the great outdoors. Courses are offered each semester, fees may apply.

A separate registration is held at the beginning of each semester for Outdoor Ed courses. Most classes are limited and have a fee. For details visit: OUTDOOR EDUCATION

PE Passport

APPROVED PASSPORT COURSES Students wishing to experience a variety of PHED options may apply for the PHED Passport program. Students will have the opportunity to attend a wide variety of classes, workshops and events that encompass the dimensions of wellness. Students enrolled in this course will be given a listing of approved classes/events and must accumulate 10-hours of participation over the course of one semester. Students are required to maintain their passport record and turn in by the end date for the semester.

All Group Exercise Classes
will be offered as drop in classes only through ‘gate fitness and are eligible for the PHED Passport. (Aerobics - Pilates - Spinning - Yoga - Zumba & More )


Extracurricular Credit

Students who participate in a Colgate approved Club Sport, SGA Dance Club, SOMAC, EMT Training Program, and Hamilton Fire Department may apply for PE Credit.
Only 1 credit per club is eligible for the PE requirement.
  1. Register Online through the PHED Registration for your Club at the beginning of your participation.

  2. Log Participation hours after each club activity session using the Google form.
    • Hours may only be logged after a student has registered for this program.
    • All PE Log ins Must be within 48 hours of Club Activity to be valid.
    • All activity hours logged by a club member will be verified by the Chair of Physical Education with the club's practice schedule and event schedule.
    • Credits will be submitted to the Registrar at the end of the semester, once 30 hours is reached.  Students have 1 academic year to reach the required 30 hours.
    • Students may get updates on their completed hours by contacting
    • Violations of this process and/or falsely logging hours are a direct violation of the Academic Honor Code.

Additional Credit Options

Students who wish to earn a PE credit during a Study Abroad Trip or for rehabilitation must seek approval in advance from the Chair of Physical Education at

Contact Information

Physical Education Office \ Recreational Sports
102 Huntington Gym
Phone: 315-228-7613