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Student Event Management

Policies and guidelines for planning events on and off campus.
Concerts, banquets and speakers are among the types of events hosted by Colgate organizations.
The following list of event elements will help you to think through various aspects of event management. Each element contains information for you to consider in efforts to further define your event needs and prepare appropriately. Additionally, each element provides university policies and guidelines to be aware of in order to produce a successful event.
Facility/location reservations
Dean Evans & Associates Event Management System is used for room reservations and resource scheduling on campus. You will need to be affiliated with an organization in order to submit a request.

An EMS tutorial is available to guide you through the room reservation process.

When planning an outdoor event, make contingency plans for poor weather.  A reservation for a rain location should be made if an indoor location is appropriate.
A/V needs should be considered when selecting a room.  This may include understanding existing hardware/software in a location and/or making equipment requests.  All A/V requests should be arranged in advance with Media Services via the EMS reservation platform when booking a venue.

There are several locations commonly used for events that are not available for reservations on EMS.  Locations include: Donovan's Pub, Athletic venues, Village Green, Palace Theater, and Saxbys At The Barge. In order to make arrangements for facility use in these locations, please contact the management of that space directly.  Contact information is available on the list of EMS schedulers.
Submit all contracts for an event at least 13 days in advance. Be sure to anticipate the size and scope of the event, as several months may be required for contracts to be negotiated and executed.

Students may approach vendors/performers/service providers, etc. to gather information and discuss costs. However, students are not permitted to sign any contract that legally binds the university. All contracts must be signed by a university official.

Each vendor/performer/service provider must submit a completed W9 in order for the university to remit payment. This should be submitted with the contract identifying payment.

Be advised that University Checks are cut on Wednesdays and Fridays. Check requests must be submitted at least two business days prior to the day on which it needs to be cut.
Production generally refers to any staging, sound or lighting required for the event.

Any event that requires production should request a “Tech Rider” from the proposed agent in order to verify our capabilities to satisfy the event needs.

There are several common vendors that have experience working here at Colgate:
  • Student Activities Sound [SA Sound]: This is a student run organization that supports sound amplification needs. They do not have lighting or staging capabilities. There is no fee for using their services if supporting a student organization event. Requests can be made using the e-mail address above or by filling out the online request form.
  • Northeastern Productions:
  • BSI Productions:
  • National Audio:
Student organizations must submit all travel forms at least 10 days prior to departure. Travel Forms include:
  • Student Organization Travel Authorization Form. To be completed for each travel event.
  • Acknowledgment of Risk and Responsibility Form. To be completed for each travel event.
  • Medical Information Form. To be completed once a year by each student member traveling.
All students must acquire a Colgate van license by completing the Van Driver Training steps found at Campus Safety.

Student organizations are required to use university vehicles, vehicle rentals, or chartered transport to travel to and from events. No personal vehicles will be permitted for travel during university sanctioned events.
Travel arrangements
When negotiating contracts with visiting performers/artists, a group should include travel in the overall contracted fee.

Local ground transportation via the Colgate On-Demand Shuttle service may be arranged for performer/artist pick-up and drop-offs from local train/bus stations or airports.

Performers/agents are responsible for making their own travel arrangements.

If not included in the overall contracted fee, costs may be reimbursed for travel with the submission of original receipts.

Consult the Parking Regulations at Colgate to determine if parking permits are required for campus visitors. Parking permits can be obtained in the office of Campus Safety.
Lodging reservations
When negotiating contracts with visiting performers/artists, a group should include lodging in the overall contracted fee.

Groups may make lodging reservations for performers/artists and should work with university officials to make payment arrangements.

Performers/artists will be required to provide their credit card at the place of lodging for any incidentals or damages incurred. Groups should ensure this occurs.

For performances during high traffic weekends, groups should consider making reservations well in advance.
All performers/artists must carry general liability insurance in a coverage amount of $1,000,000. Service providers and trades contractors may require a higher coverage. The university risk manager should be consulted.

All certificates of insurance (COI) should be submitted prior to a university official signing any contracts.

For performers/artists that do not carry a personal general liability policy, a short term event insurance policy called TULIP may be arranged.

Groups should work with university officials to consult the university risk manager with any questions regarding insurance or liability.
Sound permits/variances
Sound permits or variances are required primarily for outdoor sound amplification. If an event is scheduled within allowed time frames and below designated decibel levels, a group will only need to file a sound permit. Any event that falls outside of established times/decibel levels will require a sound variance.

A Sound Permit Application and details are available from the Village of Hamilton.

A Sound Variance Application and details are available for download.
Alcohol at events
Including alcohol in an event requires weeks of advanced planning. Any event with alcohol and 25 attendees or more requires hosts to be trained, and the event must be registered with the university. The Social Hosting process manages these events.
Food and beverage
Prior to making a room reservation, please check with a university official to determine if food and/or an outside food caterer are permitted in the space.

Chartwells, Colgate's dining service, has the capacity to cater food for events. There are also a number of outside restaurants and food caterers in the surrounding area to consider.
Campus Safety
Campus Safety is responsible for ensuring the safe operation of all events on campus.

Event support from Campus Safety may be determined by event type, time and size. If Campus Safety officers are required to manage an event, a fee will be charged and should be accounted for in event budgeting.
Any event catered with alcohol must include hired security service at a ratio of 1 security personnel for every 25 attendees.

A common provider for security is Chestnut Security in East Syracuse, NY.
Tent rentals
All tent rentals must be arranged through the Purchasing Office.

Morris Tent is the preferred provider for the university.

A work order for tent rentals will automatically initiate a "Safe Dig" (review for underground pipes and wiring) to ensure safe tent placement. This is required for any digging or surface penetration.
Table & chair rentals
Facilities (buildings & grounds) are the primary supplier of tables, chairs & trash cans for  university events.

Outside providers may be contracted if the event exceeds B&G's capacity to support the event, or if the event is off campus.

Common providers include: Century Decorations, Morris Tent and Auburn Party Rental.
Facilities (buildings & grounds) support
Groups should work with a university official to arrange Facilities (buildings and grounds) work orders for event support. Fees will be charged for B&G work, including setup & cleanup. These fees should be taken into account during event budgeting.

All work orders must be funded through a campus department with an established university account.

B&G can only support on-campus events. This should be considered if planning an event in areas such as the Palace Theater or Hamilton Village Green.
Restroom facilities & port-a-potties
Restroom facilities should be considered at all event locations.

If an event expects a large attendance, it is recommended that organizers consider providing additional restroom facilities, such as Port-a-Potties.

Consult a university official to make arrangements.
Making purchases
Funding must be secured prior to making any expenditure for an event. Any purchases made prior to funding approval cannot be reimbursed.

In order to pay for any event expenses, arrangements must be made in advance with a university official. Methods of payment should be discussed with a university official and may include:
  • Purchase Orders [PO]
  • Cash Advances – up to $350
  • Vouchers – for local Hamilton vendors
  • Credit Cards – assigned to university officials
  • University Checks – cut on Wednesdays and Fridays with a 48 hour advance request
  • Reimbursement – approval from a university official must be obtained prior to purchase
Charity events
University funds (as allocated by the Budget Allocation Committee, Broad Street Association, or any Colgate department) may not be donated directly to a charity. However, funds may be used to cover expenses of a fundraising event. Details may be found in the university donation policy.

Gate Card machines may be arranged for receiving donations. These should be arranged a couple weeks in advance with a university official.

If used, Gate Card sheets must be submitted within seven [7] days of completion of an event in order to be processed. After seven days, Gate Card sheets will neither be honored nor processed.
Green events
Throw an event that is environmentally responsible, and help Colgate on our mission to be carbon neutral by our 2019 bicentennial. The sustainability office offers guidance and tips to get you started. GREEN EVENT PLANNING