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Are you creative by nature, and do you enjoy employing your creativity on media and technology platforms? Are you looking for diverse opportunities to utilize your creativity in an innovative, technology-driven world? If so, then a career in digital media may be for you.
Sonali Byrd

Digital media is the creation, publication, and digital distribution of online content (video, film, photos, audio, art, and written text) across various media sectors (publishing, film, broadcast media and communications, music, information technology, and marketing). 

Colgate Professional Network

The Marketing, Media and Communications Network is designed to bring together students and alumni with a shared interest and experience in the communications field.

This Network is for anyone interested or working on the creation and delivery of messages, information, and images to a wide variety of audiences via print, electronic, broadcast, and live.

Digital Media Advisor

Headshot of Vera Chapman
Read about Vera
Vera first began her career at Colgate University in 2013 as the Associate Director of Career Development and recently transitioned into the role of Career Advisor for Creative Communications and the Arts to allow more time spent directly with students.

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, a study abroad experience at Clemson University led her to the University of Mississippi, where she pursued advanced degrees in counseling and higher education. After becoming a licensed professional counselor in Mississippi, Vera served as a career planning specialist and adjunct professor at the same institution. Vera is passionate about empowering others to become the most extraordinary version of themselves— something she accomplishes through blogging and other creative ventures. Vera is joined in Hamilton by her husband, David Chapman, who currently serves as the head coach of the Colgate rugby football club, and their two young children, Grayson and Ivey.


Call 315-228-7380 for an advising appointment.

Explore Careers

Industry Areas
Digital Media Design
Digital media design, also known as Multimedia Design, is the creation of media applications for web, interactive media, mobile devices, animation, 3D modeling and digital film and television production ( Skilled designers are trained to work in a variety of settings as graphic designers, interactive designers, desktop publishers, and visual designers.

A helpful resource to learn about careers in design: The American Institute of Graphic Arts: Career Guide

Digital Filmmaking and Video Production
Digital filmmaking and video production requires skill in using production equipment and practical knowledge of video fundamentals, such as lighting, control room operation, animated graphics, video camera operation, and sound editing. Once developed, multimedia artists and/or video technicians are able to record and mix audio tracks for media projects or incorporate design and motion graphics into films, commercials and music videos.
Resources for Further Exploration
Vault Industry Guide
Log in or create an account (you will need to create an account using your Colgate e-mail address to view this content) and then find “Animation” or “Computer and Video Game Design” through the search box or in Industries & Professions.

Prepare for Jobs and Internships

Information, tips, and strategies to help prepare you as an undergraduate.
General Tips
Prepare Yourself:
  • Digital Filmmaking & Video Production: The best way to start is to understand the field and learn about the latest technology used. Subscribe to online magazines such Post Magazine and Studio Daily. If production is a craft you want to explore, start by developing and editing personal or academic video projects. Consider purchasing or renting a digital camcorder to practice basic camera skills and shooting techniques. Take the opportunity now to also learn how to digitize video using software programs. There are dozens of editing programs designed for different skill levels. For example, Pinnacle, Sony Vegas, and Windows Live Movie Maker are easy programs to quickly transform video clips into movies.

  • Digital Media Design:For designers, it’s easy to gain experience through personal, extracurricular, or academic projects. The best route to take depends on which area of the design you are trying to enter. If you are interested in graphic design, consider taking classes at Colgate in drawing, sculpture and photography to develop creativity in art. Join a club or organization to gain design experience and to build samples of your work. Lastly, take this time to research design schools to develop more advanced skills and training.

  • Digital Game Production: If you are interested in software engineering or animation, consider taking classes at Colgate in design, computer science and physics. The game industry is highly competitive and can be challenging to break into. Therefore, taking courses in traditional art and/or finding a program or training in digital animation and illustration would greatly advance your potential for employment opportunities. A helpful resource to learn more about game production: Edge-How to Break into the Game Industry
Build experience:
Start by gaining internship experience with a magazine, newspaper, or digital ad agency. Volunteer with the Colgate Maroon News as a digital photographer, graphic or web designer. Try your hand at building an online social media presence by blogging and using Twitter, Facebook,Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms to demonstrate your passion. Lastly, read blogs, magazines and other trade publications such as Dexigner, Motionographer, How magazine and Print magazine to keep abreast of trends. Use Colgate's subscription (access it through your portal) to learnskills in programs such as Photoshop or InDesign.

Build an online portfolio:
When you apply for an internship or job, you should be prepared to show samples of your work. Maintain a portfolio containing photography, video reels, student art work, blog clips, and web designs. Here are five free websites that offer the ability to create an online portfolio and do not require coding knowledge (WordPress,, Pressfolios,, and Krop is a pay-for portfolio that integrates online portfolio services with an excellent industry job board.
Résumé Advice
Don’t list skills in which you do not excel, and make sure that you’re aware of the employer’s goals and strategy. Remember to focus on other forms of digital technology in which you are knowledgeable (HootSuite, Twitter) as opposed to simply stating the expected (Facebook, LinkedIn). Remember to demonstrate passion and creativity.
Interview Advice
One of the most important things to remember when interviewing for a job or internship in digital technology is to back up your responses with specific examples of accomplishments/achievements that will support your qualifications. Highlight your skills and innovation in new technologies, but do not be arrogant. Employers want a team player who can collaborate well with others.
Helpful Skills
  • New media/social media awareness and skill
  • Creativity
  • Attention to detail
  • Analytical skills
  • Mac literate
  • Basic knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, Javascript, Final cut Pro, Windows Movie Maker, or Dreamweaver
  • Basic experience with blogging
  • Collaborative and enthusiastic
  • Have the ability to work under pressure with strict deadlines
Buzz Words
Be familiar with these terms and use them in application materials and networking conversations.
  • Ad Impression: An ad which is served to a user’s browser.
  • Fold: The line below which a user has to scroll to see content not immediately visible when a web page loads in a browser.
  • Pay-per-Click: An advertising pricing model in which advertisers pay agencies and/or media companies based on how many users clicked on an online ad or e-mail message.
  • RON(Run of Network): The scheduling of internet advertising whereby an ad network positions ads across the sites it represents at its own discretion, according to available inventory.
*A helpful resources to learn basic digital media lingo: HEARST Media Services.
Industry News and Trends
Knowledge of industry news can give you a sense of the culture and make you a better interview candidate.

Check out these websites:
Professional Associations
These organizations can be great places to make connections, learn more about the field and search openings. Many have discounted student memberships. Helpful resources to review a listing of professional associations: NYU SCPS: Digital Communications & Media, UCLA: Digital Media Arts, and Boogar: Media Broadcast Associations.
A Sampling of Relevant Colgate Activities
Colgate’s Digital Media Services department hires student workers as Media interns and Media Monitors.
A Sampling of Relevant Colgate Coursework
  • ARTS221, Video Art I
  • ARTS285, New Media Art
  • COSC435, Computer Graphic
  • ENL252, Scenic Design
  • COSC101, Intro to Computing
  • ART211, Drawing I
  • ART302, Digital Studio II
  • ART271, Architectural Design I
  • MUSI 220, Digital Music Studies
  • ART241, Photography I
  • WRIT222, Narrative in New Media
  • COSC122, Graphics & Animation
  • FMST2XX, Global Media Flaws and Counter flaw
  • FMST/ANTH374, Anthropology of Media: Mass Mediated Cultures
  • FMST/SOCI375, Media and Politics
  • PCON314, Media War: Peace and Conflict in the Digital Age
  • SOCI222 Media & Modern Society
  • SOCI 348, American Popular Culture
  • WRIT340, Visual Rhetoric

Alumni Advice

Headshot of Julia Farnum '13
Current Title and Organization: 
Senior Account Executive, Edelman

Major at Colgate:

Advanced Degrees:
MBA Candidate at NYU Stern (starting in fall of 2016)
Q&A with Julia
  • What do you currently do?
    At Edelman, I work on the digital health team supporting all of our healthcare clients in their digital endeavors. The work varies from day to day. There is a lot of online research and monitoring of online conversations across social media channels, along with content strategy and creation. Some of my favorite projects have been focused on executive positioning and larger scale disease awareness campaigns.

  • What was your first position out of Colgate and what did you do in that role?
    Right after graduation, I moved to New York and took a position as an Executive Trainee at a respected PR firm called Ruder Finn. I was lucky because the job came along thanks to another Colgate alum. In this position I was immersed into the traditional healthcare PR world and really enjoyed it. I worked on a very powerful campaign promoting vaccine usage. We worked with photographer, Anne Geddes.

  • How can students prepare themselves while at Colgate to work in your field?
    Becoming a more adept and experienced writer at Colgate, has greatly impacted my work in public relations. I send hundreds of emails every week and I feel confident in my ability to express myself. Additionally, I learned great communications and research skills while at Colgate that I use daily in my job.
  • What extracurricular activities, associated with your profession or not, were you involved with while at Colgate?
    While at Colgate I was a member of the University Choir. I sang all four years and loved the camaraderie that it fostered. I also was a member of Tri Delta and served in multiple positions including Activities Chair and House Manager. While not an extracurricular, I also spent my Junior spring abroad in London studying with the history study group.

Find Opportunities

Recruiting Timeline
The recruitment cycle of a typical hiring process for digital media and communications jobs and internships begins in March and terminates in June.
A few IT and media communications employers who actively recruit at Colgate
Career and Internship Connections (CIC)
Off-Campus Recruiting Consortia
CIC is a great way to connect with employers for internships and jobs during winter break. CIC events take place in Los Angles, Boston, New York and Washington D.C. Potential candidates are encouraged to prepare in advance of CIC deadlines by partnering with Career Services.

Past CIC Media Communications and Entertainment Employers (entry-level positions and internships):
  • GOOD Worldwide - Design, Illustration and Video internships
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • The Veloz Group - Media and Design Internships
  • NBCUniversal – Page Program
  • - digital media
  • Katz Media Group, Inc.
  • Global Inheritance - Nonprofit, music, sports and advertising
  • Caliber Media Co. - TV and Film
  • Bunim/Murray Productions - Casting, TV production, Digital Media
Employers to Know
  • ABC (Walt Disney Co.)
  • CBS
  • CNET
  • Clear Channel
  • CNN (Turner Broadcasting)
  • Cox Communications
  • ESPN
  • E.W. Scripps Company
  • Ketchum (PR)
  • Lincoln Financial Media
  • Morris Communications
  • New York Times Company
  • PBS News Hour
  • Radio & Television News Directors Association
  • Tribune Co.
  • Washington Post Co.

naviGATE Opportunities

Below are some opportunities that may interest you from naviGATE, Colgate's internship and job database.

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