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On-Campus Dining Locations

Curtiss E. Frank Dining Hall

The Curtis Frank Dining Room will be dynamic and interactive. Three culinary platforms will be carved into the space transitioning it into an engage extension of the campus community. The Kitchen will feature an Eat. Learn. Live. Interactive Culinary destination with culinary, health and wellness demonstrations (and classes). The Eat. Learn. Live. culinary suite will position the dining program as a vehicle to connect the classroom to the kitchen. The Dining Room will position Fresh Market’s garden-fresh offerings front and center. Guest will migrate to the vibrant salad, soup and artisan bread bar. Students will smell the aroma from the Hearthstone wood-fired oven. The Hearthstone Oven venue will sit in a corner of the dining room and provide guest with traditional Italian favorites.  See below dining venues within the dining hall:
  • Fresh Market
  • The Fresh Grille
  • Hearthstone Oven
  • Terra Ve
  • The Kitchen
  • Chef's Table
  • Create
  • Baker's Crust
  • Cucina
  • Starbucks

O'Connor Bistro

O’Connor Bistro boasts a wide range of dining options for any palate, price range or time of day. The restaurant format serves up a little bit of everything, from authentic New York City pizza to a fresh twist on New York-sourced ingredients, and all sorts of choices in between. O’Connor Bistro atmosphere asserts an open, exposed kitchen environment which allows guest to have a clear view of the culinary theater. All of the culinary creations are being built right in front of your eyes.

Imagine sharing the experience of professional cooking while dining in the O’Connor Bistro. From appetizing aromas to the sizzle of a hot pan, O’Connor Bistro is an open-kitchen platform will showcase the craftsmanship of experienced Chartwells chefs as they expertly prepare and serve fresh, healthy dishes. From grilled foods to specialty items, O’Connor Bistro will make it easy for any Colgate student to personalize a single a la carte item or design an entire meal to his or her tastes. 

NEW!  How Will The Service Execution Work?

Guests will approach one of several ordering kiosks that will feature a restaurant-style menu. The ordering kiosk be positioned in front and facing an active, open kitchen with expertly trained chefs, skilled in the art of culinary theater. Once the guest orders his or her selections, a notification is sent to the kitchen. Next, the O’Connor Bistro culinary team creates a customized masterpiece in clear view of our guests.

O’Connor Bistro will have a five component menu offering:

  • Artisan Pizza Italian Cuisine
  • Grass-Fed Burger Bar
  • Innovation Kitchen (featuring daily celebrity chefs recipe series)
  • New York-Grown
  • Fresh Food Bar

Hieber Cafe

Great tea, a gourmet cafe and unique food offerings.  Hieber Cafe will feature natural and tasty signature drinks, fresh-baked pastries, quiche, flatbreads and salads. Its unique message to guests is the combination of a healthy lifestyle, sustainable practices and a modern multicultural atmosphere.   We will be committed to offering the best local and global tea, coffee and food artisans and to giving back to the community to promote a healthy lifestyle and the conservation of natural resources.

* The tea-based signature drink menu includes both hot and iced favorites such as Chai, Latte, Earl Grey Vanilla Crème, Bubble Tea and MojiTEA. New recipes will be regularly developed and released on a seasonal basis with promotional support.

Donovan's Pub

Traditional diner and bistro-style food made-to-order, unique drinks, and craft beer will situate  the all new Donovan’s Pub. Great food, great portions and great fun. Our new positioning will take the guesswork out of eating and having fun simultaneously.

There will plenty of culinary and beverage temptations at Donovan’s. Food offerings include:

  • Root beer floats
  • Home-made chips
  • 24’ grinders
  • 2 lb. Gate burger
  • Flatbreads
  • Tempting sweet treats

Merrill House

Culinary offerings within the Merrill House include (but are not limited to): Menutainment cook-to-order culinary destination, self-serve deli, fresh garden salads, hot and cold beverages, and daily entree selections.

Hear the sizzle of garlic sauteing in a pan. Feel the crust of a freshly baked knish baguette. Taste the sweet decadence of a triple chocolate torte. Now, place yourself in a comfortable environment within the all-new Merrill House at Colgate University. The Faculty Dining Room environment offers a cook-to-order dining service targeted toward faculty and staff during lunch. Healthy menu selections utilizing our Balanced U® icons will be available. 


Menutainment features made-to-order, exhibition cooking station with a selection of fresh herbs and spices will be sauteed or stir-fried with fresh-cut vegetables and protein to create an entree that is tailor-made for each guest. Guests are closely involved in the creation of their entree at the Menutainment station. Thinly sliced, seared flank steak stir-fried with asparagus, napa cabbage and red peppers, topped with toasted sesame seeds and served on sticky rice is just one of the many possible creations at Menutainment. Our chefs will become a personal chef to each of our guest.