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The Common Good Network

Colgate alumni employed at non-profit organizations, government agencies, or other social good enterprises are considered part of the Common Good Network.
The mission of the Common Good Network is to build a community of Colgate alumni in similar industries to create greater engagement with the university, while building professional on-ramps for undergraduates through the Center for Outreach Volunteerism and Education (COVE).

Key Volunteers

Betsy Levine Brown '01 - Assistant Professor, George Mason University
Jessica Prata '01 - Assistant Vice President, Environmental Stewardship, Columbia University
Ali Saber '07 - MST Therapist, New York Foundling
Valerie Shapiro '02 - Assistant Professor of Social Welfare, UC Berkeley
Devon Skerritt '00 - Career Adviser, Southern Methodist University
Chrissy Hart '05 - Resource Mobilization and Advocacy Specialist, UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women

Events Planned for 2016-17

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