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Office of Admission Directory

If you would like to contact the admission representative for your area, please refer to the directory below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Gary Ross Gary L. Ross '77
Vice President and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid
Los Angeles and San Francisco, California; Colorado; Hawaii; Montana; Oregon; Utah; Washington
International: British Columbia, Canada

Corianne Deatly '12Corianne Deatly '12
Assistant Dean of Admission
Delaware; Georgia; Kentucky; Maryland; Western Massachusetts; Central and Southern New Jersey; North Carolina; Cincinnati, Ohio; Pennsylvania; South Carolina; Tennessee; Vermont; Virginia; Washington, D.C.; West Virginia

David Esber '13David Esber '13
Assistant Dean of Admission 
Coordinator of International Communication
Connecticut (excluding Fairfield County); Indiana; Kansas; Michigan; Minnesota; Missouri; Ohio (excluding Cincinnati); Puerto Rico; Rhode Island
International: Canada (excluding British Columbia); Caribbean; Latin America; Middle East

Alexandra FaheyAlexandra Fahey
Admission Counselor
Alaska; Central and Southern California (Excluding Los Angeles); Florida; Illinois; Maine; Eastern Massachusetts; Buffalo, New York

Lynn Holcomb Lynn R. Holcomb '92
Senior Associate Dean of Admission
Eastern Massachusetts; New Hampshire; Rockland and Westchester counties, New York

Sue Dolly LathropSusan Dolly Lathrop
Senior Associate Dean for Admission Operations
Co-coordinator of Transfer Admission

Jennifer Maholchic
Assistant Dean of Admission
Alabama; Arkansas; Northern California (excluding San Francisco); Fairfield County, Connecticut; Idaho; Iowa; Louisiana; Mississippi; Nebraska; Long Island, New York; North Dakota; South Dakota; Wyoming

Erin MilinErin Milin
Senior Assistant Dean of Admission

John Paul Ortiz '10John Paul Ortiz '10
Assistant Dean of Admission
Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment
Arizona; Nevada; New Mexico; New York City, New York; Oklahoma; Texas; Wisconsin

Laura MilotLaura Wittchen
Assistant Dean of Admission
Coordinator of International Admission
Northern New Jersey; Overseas US citizens
International: Africa; Asia; Europe; Oceania

Leslie Ann Zulch Leslie Ann Zulch
Associate Dean of Admission
Co-coordinator of Transfer Admission
Central, Mid-Hudson, Upstate, and Western (excluding Buffalo) New York