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Supplementary Materials

To document creative achievement in high school, and hopefully to indicate a desire to continue such involvement at Colgate, submit examples of your work according to the following guidelines.

Art and Music

Applicants are welcome to submit art and music materials if they are interested in sharing their work with the art and music faculty and admission staff members. In order to be considered as part of the application, materials must be submitted by the appropriate application deadline.

Submitting material for review does not require a commitment to major in the field, nor will it impact academic placement; we encourage any applicant with ample art or music experience to submit a portfolio regardless of your intended major or focus of study.

Art and music submissions must be uploaded through the SlideRoom portal


To document athletic achievement, please follow the guidelines in the application and send tapes and talent resumes directly to a coach. 

c/o (Coach for your sport)
Department of Athletics
Colgate University
Hamilton, NY 13346

Other Materials

We often receive other samples of students' achievements in fields such as journalism, student government, community service, etc. Such information is most helpful when it is a concisely presented sample of your best work or accomplishment. Such supplements should complement, but not replace, the effort to complete the application questions with regard to activities and involvement.


Interviews are not required, and are non-evaluative. We do, however, strongly encourage you to visit campus to meet students and faculty, appreciate the scope of our facilities and the beauty of the campus, and perhaps ask questions of an admission representative. You may do so in an individual meeting, or in a group information session. Both formats enable students to learn more about Colgate without the pressure of an evaluation. Think of it as your time to "interview Colgate." It is the time spent on campus, however, that will be especially helpful in getting a full sense of the Colgate experience.

Why doesn't Colgate require or evaluate interviews? We are interested in emphasizing all that a student has accomplished throughout high school, both in and out of class, and not a 45-minute conversation that may just skim the surface of the story he or she has to tell. Some students interview well, and some do not. Colgate prefers to base its decisions on a record established over time, the input of teachers and counselors who know the student, and the student's own voice as portrayed in the essay and throughout the application.

An interview remains a terrific opportunity to get to know Colgate, and admission staff welcome the opportunity to speak with prospective students. Most of all, however, we encourage students to visit. It makes a tremendous difference in understanding all that Colgate has to offer.