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Online Classics Tools and Resources

The Internet offers great opportunities for education, keeping up with research, and much more. Here are some tools we’ve vetted and found particularly useful and interesting for students of the classics, like you.

Collections and Search Engines

  • Perseus: A rich library of texts, images, archaeological remains and site plans.
  • Women in Antiquity: Materials for the study of women and gender in the ancient world.
  • The Vergil Project: Resources for students, teachers, and readers of Vergil.
  • Ancient Roman Recipes: Information about Roman foods for those interested in learning more about ancient feasts.
  • Vatican Museums: A vast collection of images from the Vatican collections.

Dictionaries and Reference Works

  • Rhetorical Figures: Descriptions and examples of ancient rhetorical figures.
  • Greek Dictionaries: Free access to online versions of the several dictionaries.
  • Suda: An ongoing collaborative project to create an online translation of the Suda, a 10th century Byzantine Greek encyclopedia. They are looking for volunteers to translate!

Papyri and Manuscripts

Archaeological Remains and Virtual Tours

  • ROMARCH: Links and information about Roman archeology ranging from ca. 1000 BCE to 600 CE.
  • Pictures of Athens: Photographic archive of archaeological and architectural remains.
  • Pompeii Forum Project: Using image-maps, it breaks down the Forum area into component buildings and functions.