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Faculty and Staff - Russian and Eurasian Studies

Our faculty and staff are enthusiastic and accessible. Please reach out with any questions or interests you have in our department!
Mieka Erley
Assistant Professor of Russian and Eurasian Studies
309A Lawrence Hall
P: 315-228-6135

Jessica Graybill
Associate Professor of Geography and Russian and Eurasian Studies; Director, Russian & Eurasian Studies Program; Associate Professor of University Studies, Chair, First-Year Seminars and Global Engagements Programs
301 Ho Science Center
P: 315-228-6498

Carolyn Guile
Associate Professor of Art & Art History; Director, Medieval & Renaissance Studies Program
315 Little Hall
P: 315-228-7907

Ian Helfant
Associate Professor of Russian and Eurasian Studies and Environmental Studies
302 Lawrence Hall
P: 315-228-7721

Alice Nakhimovsky
Distinguished Chair in Jewish Studies and Professor of Jewish Studies and Russian and Eurasian Studies; Director, Jewish Studies Program
306B Lawrence Hall
P: 315-228-7274

Tracy Piatti
Administrative Assistant for the Department of Geography, The Environmental Studies Program and The Russian and Eurasian Studies Program
216 Ho Science Center
P: 315-228-7534

Nancy Ries
Professor of Anthropology and Peace and Conflict Studies, Director of the Division of University Studies; Christian A. Johnson Chair in Liberal Arts Studies
410 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-7552

Kira Stevens
Professor of History and Russian and Eurasian Studies
307 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-7542

Richard Sylvester
Professor of Russian, Emeritus

Language Intern

Alexandra Galkina
Russian and Eurasian Studies Intern
Lawrence Hall
P: 315-228-6183