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We sponsor a variety of events on campus to expand upon the lessons in our classroom curriculum.  READ MORE
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Compelling instruction and field-leading research. Meet our religion faculty.
Student Research in Religion
Over the summer, Nathan Lynch ’14 researched the melting pot of religious diversity found in Utica.  READ MORE
Remembering Coleman Brown
Chris Hedges '79 reflects on the life and legacy of Professor Coleman Brown. READ MORE
Our studies focus on gaining a greater understanding of the world’s major religious traditions. We will introduce you to the nature and expression of religiousness and challenge you to think critically about rituals, practices, and theories of religion.

About Religion

We offer majors in religion and philosophy and religion, as well as a minor in religion.

The Department of Religion at Colgate offers a program of study of major religious traditions and introduces students to the enduring questions of human life. The program challenges students to examine the nature and expression of religiousness, and to think critically about rituals, practices, and theories of religion.

Making reflective use of the full variety of liberal arts methods, the study of religion is necessarily interdisciplinary; it engages related issues in philosophy, ethics, society, spirituality, science, gender, sexuality, arts, and politics. The department offers a variety of courses regarding diverse African, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, and Native American traditions and scriptures. Recognizing the multiple ways in which religion is embedded within human history and cultures, the department also offers focused courses on issues of historic and contemporary importance, such as religion and the environment, women, genocide, health and healing, and the relations among global peoples of faith. Courses in the Department of Religion offer training in a unique combination of skills, including close textual analysis, direct observation, critical thinking, and cross-cultural understanding.

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