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Department of Physics and Astronomy

Helium Recovery System
Colgate's science laboratories feature a new helium-recovery system.  READ MORE
Quantum Entanglement
Professor Kiko Galvez built a machine to observe quantum entanglement and demonstrated it to a crew from Scientific American. SEE MORE
Published in Nature
Professor Bary among a group of international astronomers published in Nature magazine. READ MORE (Photo courtesy of L. Calcada from EDO)
Aurora Borealis
A teaching moment turned into a photo opportunity as the aurora borealis made a campus appearance. READ MORE
Academics in Physics and Astronomy
Our course offerings will challenge your knowledge and assumptions and engage your desire to learn.  READ MORE
Interdisciplinary Research
Professor Levine and collaborators are working on a project titled “Laser-atom interactions in a mass spectrometer for dating Martian rocks.” LEARN MORE
Physics and Astronomy Faculty
Compelling instruction and field-leading research. Meet our physics and astronomy faculty.
Join us as we explore fundamental questions about the nature of matter and the universe and confront challenging and exciting scientific problems. 

About Physics and Astronomy

We place great emphasis on maintaining a department atmosphere that invites the active engagement of students like you. Our small classes and ability to create one-on-one working and researching relationships with students succeed in achieving just such an atmosphere.

The average class size in our department is around 15, and we graduate an average of 17 majors per year. These small numbers allow individualized development and direct access to our faculty members, but without sacrificing access to world-class research opportunities or facilities.

Physics or astronomy majors are a diverse group, and the flexibility of the majors allows them to pursue their varied academic interests. In addition to the information in the course catalogue, there is a wealth of information and advice regarding how to tailor your schedule to your particular interests.

Department News

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Professor Jeff Bary

Studying in the Department of Physics and Astronomy

 We offer the ability to major in the following subjects:
  • Physics
  • Astronomy-Physics
  • Astrogeophysics
We offer minor courses of study in the following subjects:
  • Physics
  • Astronomy-Physics
We work with the departments of chemistry and mathematics to offer an interdisciplinary major in:
  • Physical Science
We also administer a 3-2 pre-engineering professionals program with several affiliated engineering schools.

Department Contacts

Chair: Ken Segall
Administrative Assistant: Diane Janney (
Office: 331 Ho Science Center
Phone: 315-228-7723
Dept. Fax: 315-228-6020