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Off-Campus Study in German Studies

The study-abroad program in Freiburg features linguistic and cultural immersion and the opportunity to expand upon your academic studies at one of Germany's finest universities. Open to all students with sufficient German language background.
Wandern im Schwarzwald, Black Forest, Germany Unterricht im Freiburg Südtirol, Italy Museumsquartier, Wien Freiburg Study Group: Zürich Freiburg Study Group: Sils-Maria, Schweiz Freiburg Study Group: Die Schaubühne, Berlin Die Dreisam in Freiburg Beautiful landscape of Der Kaiserstuhl outside Freiburg, Germany Der Bundestag im Reichstagsgebäude, Berlin Das europäische Parlament, Strasbourg, France A scenic view of Berlin

Colgate Semester Programs

Colgate’s  off-campus study office offers full-semester off-campus study opportunities all over the world. Among these study-abroad options, the German department's long-standing program in Freiburg is distinctive. It features integration into German student life, immersion into German culture, an extensive pre-semester travel-study component, and life beyond monolingualism. A Colgate faculty adviser accompanies the group each spring semester.

As a German major or minor, the Colgate study group to Freiburg will be of particular interest to you. However, you do not have to be a German concentrator to take part and make the most of this program; we welcome students from all academic disciplines who have a sufficient German language background.

Participating students have received credit for their work at the university in Freiburg towards all kinds of majors, including biology, economics, history, music, philosophy, and political science, to name a few.

The off-campus study office’s Freiburg page contains important information about the program from an administrative angle. To learn more about Freiburg itself, as well as Colgate students’ experiences there, check out the links on this page and please speak with the German faculty directly about your interest.