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Colgate Geology Research

Geologic research at Colgate explores a wide range of topics at locations around the world.
Research carried out by Colgate geology faculty spans a wide range of topics at locations around the world.  In addition to research studies run by Colgate faculty, the department is also a member of the Keck Geology Consortium, a multi-college collaboration that opens up a broader range of research opportunities for both undergraduates and faculty. Students involved in Colgate or Keck-related research commonly travel with their research advisor to their study locations in order to gain firsthand field experience.  Some of these places include:


People on the deck of a research cruise to Antarctica

North America

Student researchers looking out over a body of water in the Adirondacks.



A Keck research team in Mongolia posing for a group shot in the field.

Galápagos Islands

Researchers viewing a lava fountain from a short distance


Aubreya Adams African research


  • Karen Harpp studies the mechanisms and timescales of magma differentiation in southern Iceland



  • Rich April has conducted research on acid rain in Norway, and glacial clays in Sweden.