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Off-Campus Study

Geology majors have the opportunity to participate in off-campus study and research in a wide variety of locations around the United States and abroad. 
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Summer Field Programs

Each summer, the geology department hosts two field programs. GEOL 120 is a two-week, half-credit course called "The Geology of American Parks." This course is designed to introduce first-year and sophomore students to geological processes, materials, and basic field techniques while experiencing the spectacular scenery of national parks in the United States and Canada. 

GEOL 320 is the current version of the "Techniques of Field Geology" course, traditionally dubbed the "O.C.," that has been developed and refined over several decades. This five-week summer field program is strongly recommended for all geology majors.

On the O.C., students engage in intensive field study and develop basic field skills essential for a professional geologist, as well as gaining an understanding of the geologic history of various regions of the United States.

Though locations change from year to year, they may include the Front Range, Rocky Mountains, Colorado National Monument, Canyonlands, Arches, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, and Zion Parks, among others.

Semester Programs

Colgate's off-campus study office offers full-semester off-campus study opportunities all over the world. Students on these programs travel, live, and study along with their Colgate classmates and a Colgate faculty adviser while immersed in the culture of the region.

The following semester-long off-campus study groups are designed specifically to accommodate the interests and scheduling needs of students in the sciences:

Collaborative Research and the Keck Geology Consortium

Geologic research at Colgate explores a wide range of topics at locations throughout the United States and around the world including: Canada, Iceland, Russia, Mongolia, Japan, Australia, the Galápagos Islands, and Antarctica. Colgate is also a member of the Keck Geology Consortium, a multicollege collaboration that opens up a broader range of research opportunities for our undergraduates. Students involved in geologic research commonly travel to their study locations in order to gain firsthand field experience.

Colgate-affiliated Programs

Colgate is also directly affiliated with several other off-campus study programs. Two programs of particular interest to geology majors include:
Check out all affiliated off-campus study programs.

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Photos from GEOL 320 ("OC")

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