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Interesting Courses
FMST 352: “Horror” and the American Horror Film
Kevin Wynter, visiting assistant professor of Film & Media Studies
Read More
Film Seminar
The Robert Flaherty Film Seminar is held on the Colgate campus every summer.
Oscar-Nominated Guest
Director Joshua Oppenheimer spoke about the portrayal of evil and empathy in The Act of Killing (image courtesy of Drafthouse Films). READ MORE
Film Musicals Symposium
We hosted an interdisciplinary symposium dedicated to "The Performing Body in the Hollywood Film Musical." READ MORE
As a film and media studies (FMST) minor, we will challenge and teach you to engage in a critical study of film and visual mass media. We will examine how they serve as powerful determinants of ideology, identity, and historical consciousness.

About Film and Media Studies

It has been said that, collectively, the visual mass media represent the most important and widely shared context for the receipt of information and ideas in contemporary experience. We recognize the centrality of visual experience to everyday life and question the consequences of our passive consumption of visual media as both entertainment and information.

We invite you to do the same.

The goal of the FMST minor is for you to develop the critical skills necessary to analyze representation and experience as they are constructed by new and emerging visual technologies. The program seeks a balance between history, theory, and practice.

Department Contacts

Chair: Mary Simonson
Administrative assistant: Angela Kowalski
Office: Little Hall
Phone: 315-228-7891
Dept. Fax: 315-228-7787

Studying in the FMST Program

We offer a minor course of study in film and media studies. The courses constituting the minor are from a wide range of departments and programs. This is in recognition that image-based research is fully interdisciplinary and that images are called upon to function increasingly as icons and arguments, as well as data and documents.

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