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Undergraduate Student Research in Environmental Studies

One of our great distinctions as a university is the ability our students have to conduct high-level research side-by-side with our world-class faculty as undergraduates. Students in environmental studies have seized this opportunity to do some very interesting research.
Student absorbed in work at a table in the Ho Science Center

ENST 390: Community-based Study of Environmental Issues

The ability to conduct graduate-level research as an undergraduate is one of Colgate's distinct advantages. The following research was conducted by students enrolled in a project-based, interdisciplinary course examining current environmental issues in the context of community-based learning.

Reforestation at Colgate University
Sarah Ellis, Cassidy Holohan, Becca Robinson, Jared Madison, Jenna Klynstra
VideoFull Report (PDF)
Water Use at Colgate
Cassie Lawson, Joe Coplan, Bess Magnuson, Annemarie Heinrich, Scott Coates, Jason Hinder
VideoFull Report (PDF)

LEED Certification of the Trudy Fitness Center
Anna Cvitkovic, Ian Dombroski, Sonya Falcone, Mark Janett, Chris Mahoney
VideoFull Report (PDF)
The Replacement of Fuel Oil #6 at Colgate University
Steve Dickinson, Mike Girard, Jeffrey Ledwick, Alexandra Hite, Christine Hebert, Rebecca Roberts
VideoFull Report (PDF)
Paper Purchasing and Consumption at Colgate University
Callie Brazil, Lauren Frisch, Noah Goldberg, Connor Hedges, Meghan Kiernan, Adam Kobayashi, Paul Vogelsang
Full Report (PDF)
Feasibility of Incorporating Hybrid and Electric Vehicles into the Colgate Vehicle Fleet
Tara James, Brendan Lahr, Andrew Pettit, Amanda Pothin, Kaitlyn Soule, Sam Walker
Full Report (PDF)

Sustainability of Woody Biomass Heating System
Alexis Apostol, Nina Bianco, Robert Bickhart, Annabelle Glass, Seth Greene, Joshua Rosen
Full Report (PDF)

Implications of Trayless Dining at Colgate University

Claire Burgett, Adam Costello, Nicole Dennis, Alex Felicetti, Jamie Horgan, Katherine Johnescu
Full Report (PDF)

Other Environmental Studies Student Research

The Role of Sustainability Curricula in Higher Education
Jenna Taylor
Full Report (PDF)
Investigating Local Food and Sustainable Dining at Colgate University
Adriana Lopez, Alex Yingling, Ali Stokes, Cat Weiss
Full Report (PDF)
Colgate Recycling Project
Sara Zurmuhlen, Shae Frydenlund, Justin Alimaras
Full Report (PDF)
Climate Action Planning: Guiding Colgate University to a Sustainable Future
Trevor Kreznar, Mallory Lostumbo, Katelyn Ciolino, Justin Roy
Full Report (PDF)
Carbon Offsets: An Important Component of the Effort to Become Climate Neutral
John Greenfield, Nick Leslie, Jackie Stimmel
Full Report (PDF)
Colgate Climate Action Plan
Sarah Finn, Julie Gibbons, Kathleen Onorevole, Steffan Pierre
Full Report (PDF)Appendix (PDF)
Colgate Community Garden
Megan Cronin, Teddi Hofmann, Maria Kryachko, Kate Pavelich
Full Report (PDF)
A Feasibility Study of Geothermal Heating and Cooling at Colgate University
Trevor Halfhide, Seghan MacDonald, Josh McLane, Sarah Titcomb
Full Report (PDF)Appendix (PDF)
Energy Efficiency of Colgate University Buildings: A Performance Based Approach to Sustainability
Greg Bricca, Jon Gimber, Brian Martin, Jim Rollings, Rose Schwartz, Peter Smith
Full Report (PDF)