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Off-Campus Study in English

Colgate is distinctive in the number of its students who take advantage of the ability to study off campus and abroad. We encourage students of English to participate in our rich off-campus study opportunities.
Off-campus English study group

The London English Study Group

Each year, we lead a class of English students to London for a full semester of study. You will live and study together in London, England, and receive guidance and instruction from a Colgate faculty member that travels abroad as well on subjects related to British literature.

Learn more about the London English Study Group.

Other Off-Campus Study Options

While the program above is specifically targeted to students studying English, the off-campus study office has many more opportunities available that students from any discipline can participate in. Here are some of the available off-campus study opportunities:
  • Semester programs: Full semesters abroad with a class of your Colgate classmates, and instruction from a Colgate faculty member.
  • Extended studies: Travel abroad with your class for two-three weeks after the end of the semester to expand upon the classroom lessons for certain courses.
  • Other programs: If Colgate's extensive offerings don't exactly match your interests, we'll help you find the external program that best suits you.