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Off-Campus Study in Economics

Studying economics in a rapidly globalizing world necessitates an appreciation of differences in culture, language, currency, and more. Studying abroad can help you develop a broader perspective, benefiting you in your economics studies and beyond.
London Economics Study Group

The London Economics Study Group

Each year we lead a class of economics students to London for a full semester of study. You will live and study together in London, England, and receive guidance and instruction from a Colgate faculty member that travels abroad as well.

In addition, you will participate in an internship arranged with a bank, business, law firm, non-profit, or government agency during the second half of the semester you spend abroad.


Approved Programs

Colgate has a list of Approved Programs that students can participate in for a semester or a year. Students receive Colgate credit and can take their financial aid with them on these program.

Click here for the list of Approved Programs by the Economics department. Up to two courses taken on a departmentally approved program may be transferred towards the major and once course may be transferred towards the minor. Students can now study Economics in places like Argentina, Turkey, and South Africa. Contact the Off-Campus Study Office for more details.

Other Off-Campus Study Options

While the London Economics Study Group is specifically targeted to students studying economics, the Off-Campus Study Office has many more opportunities available that students from any discipline can participate in. Here are some of the available off-campus study opportunities:

Semester programs: Full semesters abroad with a class of your Colgate classmates, and instruction from a Colgate faculty member. Several of these study groups offer an Economics elective. For example, students on Colgate's programs to Madrid, Dijon, Australia, Manchester and Freiburg may be able to take an Economics course. The Off-Campus Study Office can provide more information.

Extended studies: Travel abroad with your class for two-three weeks after the end of the semester to expand upon the classroom lessons for certain courses. In Economics, we offer extended studies to Bangladesh and Denmark.