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Undergraduate Biology Research Opportunities

One of the things that sets biology at Colgate apart from other institutions is the collaborative research that we do with our students. Get graduate-level research experience as an undergraduate, and help us to discover new knowledge!
Undergraduate students preparing DNA samples in a lab at Colgate

Curricular Opportunities

Research tutorials are courses enrolling six to eight upper-division students. These tutorial students work independently or in small groups to address questions within the scope of a faculty member’s research.

You can enroll in tutorials during the academic year and often continue your research through independent study courses in one or more subsequent semesters, earning one course credit for each experience.

You and your peers will present your research at the end of each semester in the departmental poster session where students and faculty discuss the results of their research over pizza.

Paid Research Positions

During the semester

You may also apply for paid academic-year positions in research labs, in some cases as early as your first year! Each faculty member may obtain financial support for student wages from various sources, including the Colgate Research Council. These opportunities frequently stem from curricular research.

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Summer research

There are also opportunities for paid summer research positions. Each summer, about 80 science students remain on campus to conduct research. Summer research stipends are available from both internal and external sources. To participate in summer research, you must apply during the preceding winter.

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Faculty Research Areas

Research Area Faculty Member(s)
Freshwater Ecology
Terrestrial Ecology McCay
Behavioral Ecology Ingram
Physiological Ecology Pruitt
Evolutionary Ecology Frey
Environmental Health and Disease Ecology Frey
Ecosystem Ecology Cardelús
Community Ecology Cardelús, McCay
Plant Ecology Cardelús, Watkins

Cellular and Molecular Biology
Research Area Faculty Member(s)
Regulation of Gene Expression Hoopes, Van Wynsberghe, Ay, Holm, Hagos
Eukaryotic Cell Biology Belanger, Hagos, Meyers
Cell Membrane Physiology Pruitt
Application of Molecular Techniques in Evolution and Ecology McHugh, Ingram, Frey
Viral Pathogenesis and Innate Immunity Holm
Cancer Biology Hagos
Stem cell and regenerative biology Meyers
Eukaryotic developmental biology Van Wynsberghe, Ay

Organismal and Evolutionary Biology
Research Area Faculty Member(s)
Systematics and Phylogeny McHugh
Plant Evolutionary Genetics Frey
Evolution of Development  McHugh
Physiology of Ferns Watkins
Social Behavior Ingram