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Facilities and Resources

We have access to state-of-the-art laboratory and classroom facilities, and are fortunate to also be located in a biologically rich region. The opportunities for biological study are endless!
Ho Science Center includes a research-ready greenhouse.

Labs and Equipment

Our ample available teaching lab space allows most courses to have a dedicated lab for the semester. This allows a great deal of flexibility in constructing elaborate laboratory experiences.

Each faculty member also has a laboratory in which they conduct research and guide student research projects. Each lab provides a different research experience, so students can gain expertise in a variety of research subjects.

Major Equipment for Cell and Molecular Biology

  • ABI multi-capillary automated DNA sequencer
  • ABI 7900 quantitative PCR
  • Zeiss LSM710 laser confocal microscope
  • Video gel documentation system
  • NanoDrop mini-spectrophotometer
  • UV/visible spectrophotometers
  • Electroporator and biolistic gene delivery systems
  • Phosphor imaging system
  • ChemiDoc bioimaging system
  • Five Nikon epifluorescence microscopes with high resolution cameras and video image analysis

Cooley Science Library

Colgate's science resources are housed in the Cooley Science Library, located in McGregory Hall (campus map).

Major Equipment for Ecology and Physiology

  • Portable photosynthesis analyzer
  • Ion and gas chromatographs
  • Radio telemetry tracking equipment
  • Global positioning system
  • Total organic carbon analyzer
  • Passive integrated transponder tagging system

Cooley Herbarium

The Cooley Herbarium is home to three different collections:
  • General
  • Caribbean
  • Madison County (NY)
Cooley Herbarium

Nearby Field Areas

Our students and faculty frequently do research at several nearby sites, including the university's 140-acre Bewkes Center Nature Preserve, the Rogers Environmental Education Center, and several local beaver colonies.


Our greenhouse collection of approximately 1,000 plants is used to demonstrate diversity, facilitate teaching, and provide color and visual interest throughout the year. Colgate Greenhouse