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Portfolio Submission Guidelines for Applicants

While we don’t require prospective students to submit materials beyond the regular application, we recognize and appreciate any creative accomplishments that you would like to share!

Submitting Online

To document your creative achievements in high school, and hopefully to indicate a desire to continue such involvement with us at Colgate, you may submit examples of your work according to the following guidelines. Submitting material for review does not require a commitment to major in the field, nor will it impact academic placement; we encourage any applicant with ample art experience to submit a portfolio regardless of your intended major or focus of study.

We work with the Colgate Slideroom portal to allow you to submit your portfolio online.

Please include:
  1. Title, date, size, and material of each work submitted.
  2. A brief artist's statement
Your artist's statement should answer the following:
  • Was the piece an assignment?
  • Describe your past experiences with the visual arts including classes taken, dates, and media used.
  • Of the documentation submitted, which piece best represents you as an artist, and why? Include motivation behind this work and/or your art in general.
  • Describe your plans for the study of art at Colgate.
Student artwork