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Departments and Programs

Our academic departments and programs oversee
the academic endeavors, including majors, minors,
research, and requirements of each discipline at the university.
Professor David McCabe gesturing during a discussion at a table with a small class of students.

Role of Departments and Programs

Led by our world-class faculty, our academic departments and programs manage the university's academic programming while fostering departmental camaraderie and an environment of interdisciplinary study. The following are some of the responsibilities of our academic departments and programs:

Academic Divisions

All of our academic programs are organized into four topical divisions that endeavor to create a shared Colgate academic experience and promote an interdisciplinary culture.

Arts and Humanities

Division director: Mary Ann Calo
Administrative assistant: Beth MacKinnon
Office: 01 Lawrence Hall
Phone: 315-228-7276
Fax: 315-228-7172

Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Division director: Enrique Galvez
Administrative assistant: Diane Janney
Office: 331 Ho Science Center 
Phone: 315-228-7226
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