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Theaters and Auditoriums

Brehmer Theater

Brehmer Theater provides a flexible space for productions.
Colgate's major theater productions are held at Brehmer, a proscenium theater with a capacity of 336. Each year Brehmer hosts up to 10 theater productions, as well as concerts and lecture events.

Performances are also given in the “Little Brehmer,” which provides a more intimate relationship between audience and performers as both are located on the main stage. SEE MORE

Location: Dana Arts Center

Memorial Chapel

The Chapel's high capacity makes it a hub for large campus events.
The chapel is a critical artistic venue. The University Orchestra practices and performs in the chapel, as do numerous musical, singing, and a cappella groups. Dancefest, the most popular student event on campus, is held here.

The chapel also hosts regular University Church services, convocations, and many visiting lecturers and performers, including regular appearances by the Manhattan String Quartet. SEE MORE

Location: The Quad

Golden Auditorium

Golden Auditorium is located in Little Hall.
Golden is a 150-seat lecture hall/theater with digital projection capabilities for computer, DVD, dual slide, 16 mm film, and dual 35 mm film projection  — a rarity on college campuses. The auditorium is home to the popular Friday Night 35 mm Film Series.

Location: 105 Little Hall

Hamilton Movie Theater

The Hamilton Movie Theater highlights the charm of the village.

At a time when many small-town movie houses have gone dark, the Hamilton Movie Theater is thriving. A mainstay in the Hamilton village and Colgate community, the theater screens current Hollywood films, midnight films, matinees for children, live opera broadcasts, and indie films, and hosts a book-and-movie club. SEE MORE

More about Hamilton Movie Theater

Location: Downtown Hamilton, 7 Lebanon St.

Love Auditorium

Love Auditorium is a venue for classes, speakers, and even blockbuster flicks during the weekend.
Love is a high-capacity lecture hall and theater. The student organization Take Two screens Hollywood movies in the auditorium for free on weekends.

Location: Olin Hall, the Quad