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Facilities at Colgate

We offer an idyllic setting for learning while providing the most modern of facilities to ensure our students and faculty have the tools they need for research and academic exploration.
Dana Arts Center
Colgate features a number of arts facilities to foster the creative endeavors of students on campus, as well as to host visiting artists and other creative professionals. ARTS FACILITIES
Beautiful view from inside Chapel House
Chapel House is a sanctuary and spiritual retreat center open to all for study and contemplation, welcome to all who wish to take advantage of the facility. CHAPEL HOUSE
Case-Geyer Library
The Case Library and Geyer Center for Information Technology stands as the heart and dynamic intellectual center of the campus. Libraries
Athletics - Basketball
These facilities serve our student-athletes who compete at the Division I level and also are available for use by students, faculty, staff, and the general public. ATHLETICS FACILITIES
Colgate Classroom
Colgate has a wide array of classroom and research facilities that serve our faculty members and students. CLASSROOMS AND RESEARCH
students catching a show in Ho Tung Visualization Lab
State-of-the-art 53-seat digital theater displaying the sky's planets, constellations, and much more, all in a full-dome experience like no other. HO TUNG VISUALIZATION LAB